Rebels in the Family: A Memoir from Creation to Now

Undergraduate Project

Project Information

Women’s Studies Research Center scholar Penina Adelman is the author of several books on Jewish women, their little-known stories, creativity and resilience. She is currently working on a fictionalized family memoir titled, Rebels in the Family, which she hopes to complete within the next five years. Ms. Adelman can trace her family back to the mid-19th century in Russia with actual documentation; before that period, the memoir is fictionalized, beginning with Creation according to the Hebrew Bible and extra-Biblical sources and continuing into the 21st century.

Ms. Adelman is looking for an intern to do research into the historical background for parts of this memoir. That research could be biblical or extra-biblical, Jews living in the area of Vilnius in Russia before the turn of the 19th century, or Jews in Chelsea (Boston) during the same time period. The research will consist of 40% library research, 40% internet research and 20% discussion with Ms. Adelman about the research and about the process of writing this book.

Profile of Appropriate Candidate