Working Papers: The Donna Sudarsky Memorial Series

The Donna Sudarsky Memorial Working Papers Series showcases the work of HBI Scholars-in-Residence.  As part of their residency, each Scholar submits a working paper reflecting the work they completed while at the HBI.  The papers demonstrate the variety of ways that our scholars further the HBI mission to develop fresh ways of thinking about Jews and gender worldwide.

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"Beliefs of the American Sephardic Women Related to the Evil Eye" (pdf) Derya Agis, M.A., HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Summer 2010

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"Jewish Women's Studies Courses in U.S. and Canadian Colleges and Universities" (pdf) Tobin Belzer, M.A., September 1999

Adult Bat Mitzvah as Entrée Into Jewish Life for North American Jewish Women” (pdf) Beth Cousens, Brandeis University NEJS Graduate Student, May 2002

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In the Footsteps of Ruth: Motherloss, Judaism and Identity” (pdf) Chanel E. Dubofsky, HIRIJW Summer Intern 1999, September 2000

Anne Frank: The Role of Secularism, Life Affirming Lessons and Gender in the Making of an Iconic Symbol” (pdf) Corinne Ducey, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2009

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"Jewish Women 2000: Conference Papers from HRIJW Scholarly Exchanges, 1997-1998" (pdf) Helen Epstein, Editor, July 2000

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Elsie Chomsky: A Life in Jewish Education” (pdf) Harriet Feinberg, February 1999

I of the Beholder: Jews and Gender in Film and Popular Culture” (pdf) Sylvia Barack Fishman, Ph.D., May 1998

"Reading Esther: Cultural Impact on Responses to Biblical Heroines" (pdf) Sylvia Barack Fishman, Ph.D., February 2002

"On the Fringes of Academia: Jewish Women as University Faculty Before 1970" (pdf) Harriet Pass Freidenreich, Ph.D., HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2006

Gender Identities in the Israeli hi-tech Industry: Between Global Pressures and Local Institutions” (pdf) Michal Frenkel, Ph.D., HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2006

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"Equivocally Jewish: Claude Cahun and the Narratives of Modern Art" (pdf) Michelle Gewurtz, Ph. D., HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Spring Seminar 2012

"The Girls They Left Behind: Curacao's Jewish Women in the Nineteenth Century" (pdf) Josette Capriles Goldish, HIRIJW Research Associate, October 2002

"(Candle)sticks on Stone: the Representation of Women in Jewish Tombstone Art" (pdf) Ruth Ellen Gruber, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Spring 2010

"Passion, Politics and Identity: Jewish Women in the Wake of the AMIA Bombing in Argentina" (pdf) Beatriz Gurevich, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2004/2005

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"Rabbis and Reproduction: The Uses of New Reproductive Technologies Among Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel" (pdf) Susan M. Kahn, Ph.D., August 1998

Calculus and Calculation (19??)” (pdf) Judith Katz, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2008

Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace: American Jewish Women's Pre-World War II Activism” (pdf) Melissa R. Klapper, Rowan University, 2008

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"Adolescence and the Period of Apprenticeship among the Western Sephardim: 16th and 17th Centuries" (pdf) Julia R. Liberman, St. Louis University

"North African, Jewish and Woman on the Big Screen: A Different Minority Narrative" (pdf) Nina B. Lichtenstein, Ph.D., HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Spring 2010

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"Writing between Worlds: On Being a Jewish Writer" (pdf) Tova Mirvis, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Fall 2009

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"Judeo-Spanish Feminine Narratives in Morocco: The Heritage of Spanish Jewry in Morocco from the Expulsion to the Present Day" (pdf) Vanessa Paloma, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2008.

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"Jewish Survivors' Narrations About the Holocaust In the South of Russia: Peculiarities and Gender Aspects" (pdf) Irina Rebrova, HBI-BGI Scholar-in-residence, Summer 2013-2014 

"A Survey of the First Century of Jewish Women Artists: The Impact of Four Upheavals In Jula Clague, ed." (pdf) Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D., August 2010

"The Integrated Life of a Modern American Woman: Anne Freeling Schlezinger, 1910-1978" (pdf) Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D., August 2010

"The New Jewish Family: Reproductive Choices and Opportunities in Contemporary U.S. Society" (pdf) Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D., Deborah Skolnick Einhorn, M.A., Sylvia Barack Fishman, Ph.D., Loraine Obler, Ph.D., Hannah Berg and Abigail Greenberg, M.A., 2005

"Timeline of Women and Women's Issues in the Yishuv and Israel" (pdf) Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D., July 1998

"Being a Woman is Different Here:' Changing Attitudes towards Femininity, Sexuality, and Gender Roles among Former Soviet Immigrant Women in the U.S." (pdf) Larissa Remennick, Ph.D., HBI Scholar-in-Residence, December 2004

"Nationalization of Motherhood and Stretching the Boundaries of Motherhood: Shelihot Aliyah and Evacuees in Eretz Israel in the 1940s" (pdf) Dr. Lilach Rosenberg-Friedman, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, 2007

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The Agunot Phenomenon From 1851 to 1914 - An Introduction (pdf) Dr. Haim Sperber, HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Summer 2013 and Spring 2015

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"Medieval Jewish Women in History, Literature, Law and Art: A Bibliography" (pdf) Compiled and Annotated by Cheryl Tallan, June 2000/Update 2006