Brandeis Class of 2019 Outcomes


This video is a compilation of motion graphics of text and icons that present career outcomes from the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University. 

The video starts with some pop/techno music fading in along with the Brandeis logo followed by on-screen text that reads: “Hiatt Career Center."

A text graphic swoops in and reads “Where do Brandeisians go beyond Brandeis?"

More text follows that reads: “Within six months 2019 graduates of Brandeis University 98% were employed, in graduate school, or engaged in meaningful activities.” 

The percentile is presented as a number that increases from 0 – 98. An icon of a globe spins on the left side of the screen. 

The next on-screen text reads: “Class of 2019 career outcomes." There are four new sets of moving icons meant to mirror each of four categories. All categories are listed on the screen using text, as well. The first category is “Employed – 65%” and uses a handshake icon. The second category is “Graduate school – 28 %” and uses an icon of a book. The third category is “Other – 5%” and it uses a mountain with a flag on its summit for its icon. The fourth category is “Seeking – 2%” and it has binoculars for its icon. 

The screen flashes to white and new text appears on screen reading: “Employment by industry."

A graph appears giving statistics on each industry: 

The screen flashes to white and new text appears reading: “Select Graduate schools." 

Each graduate school features its official crest with the name beneath. They pan across the screen in a group. These schools include: Cornell University, Duke University, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, Brownsmiths University, Johns Hopkins University, Rensselaer Polytechnic, MIT, and NYU. 

The screen transitions to a new set of moving text that reads: “Premier Employers." Different logos of high-profile companies appear one by one until all are present together. These companies include: Amazon, CERN, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Google, HubSpot, KPMG, Mass General Hospital, FBI and Ropes & Gray. 

New text fades on to the screen that reads: "The class of 201 is employed around the globe.” The text moves off of the screen. A map of the world appears. Pins mark different locations where graduates work. Locations include Brazil, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong (S.A.R.), India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The pins all connect to Brandeis via animated lines. The on-screen text reads: “Across 10 countries.”

New on-screen text appears reading: “Graduates are pursuing careers in 25+ states." 

The screen transitions to a new set of text that reads: “Hiatt staff members are nationally recognized as innovators in career services, engagement and career development.” There are four animated winning medal icons. 

New animated text appears on screen reading: “What’s in your future?”.

New animated text appears on screen reading: “Find out where Brandeis graduates work, live & study:"

This video ends with the music fading out along with the Brandeis logo followed by on screen text that reads: “Hiatt Career Center."