Hiatt Aditi Shah '17 Video Transcript

ON SCREEN: Aditi Shah sitting at a shared desk with computers.

ADITI: So I actually became interested in Hiatt before I even got to Brandeis.

ADITI: I still remember on my tour, I saw this building and the tour guide said, “You have this career service for life.”

ADITI: And i was like, “Wow.” Like this is one of the biggest highlights of Brandeis for me.

ADITI: And so I really sought for it during my freshman year here and I was like, I visited, I saw the amazing team of professionals here and I really wanted to join.

ADITI: And, I’m so glad that I was given this opportunity.

ADITI: Not only do I get to work with my peers and help them, kind of problem solve with their resumes and any other problems that they have, but I also get to sit here, which is, this is going to be kind of your cubicle, so to say, for as a Hiatt Advisor.

ADITI: And you get to explore really great things and resources that we have and just get to learn and help at the same time.

ON SCREEN: Aditi shrugs her shoulders.

ADITI: What more could you ask for?