Hiatt Marcelo Brociner '18 Video Transcript

ON SCREEN: Marcelo relaxes on a couch holding a bowl of candy. A young woman enters the room, helps herself to a piece of candy, then walks away.

MARCELO: Yeah I mean you know don't get me wrong, working here is great, I agree completely with what everyone said.

MARCELO: It's really nice to help people, you know, take steps towards their professional career, whatever that it may be, but I just like how chill it is here, you know what I mean. Like, I have a nice big bowl of candy here, everyone's super nice to me.

MARCELO: And, you know, I'm making steps in my own professional career. My resume is clean-cut now, you know what I mean, so it's just a great place to be.

ON SCREEN: Marcelo shuts his eyes and turns his ahead away from the camerae.