Reserve a Room

A student uses one of Hiatt's two interview rooms.Reserve a space on campus for your next virtual meeting. Hiatt offers two private rooms for undergraduate students with professional lighting and distraction-free backgrounds that are perfect for virtual interviews, telehealth appointments or other career-related meetings.

Each room is supplied with a landline phone for local or distance calls, alongside an adjustable LED light with varying brightness and color temperatures. Bring your own laptop and utilize the easily accessible power strips on each desk to ensure you don't lose power.

Reserve A ROOm HERE*

Select either room #166 or #168 via the Google Calendar appointment slots (occupancy limit is one person per room). Then, stop by Hiatt's front desk five to 10 minutes before your confirmed reservation time to receive your access key and directions to the room.

Don't forget to review our article covering key tips for your next virtual interview before you arrive.

*Reservations are required and must be made at least four hours in advance. Please strictly adhere to your end time (be sure to include buffer time to set up and pack up in your reservation). Email Hiatt if you have any further questions about the interview rooms or reservation issues.