Rise Together Log In Overview

The Rise Together Mentor Network is hosted on the Brandeis community platform, B Connect. For additional information about logging in, review the instructions below.

Step 1: Access B Connect 

Visit the Brandeis Login Page and select 'B Connect Community.'

The Brandeis Login Homepage(Image Description: Brandeis Login Home page with links to main Brandeis programs)

Step 2: Register

Select 'Get Started,' then 'UNet ID (students only).' You will now be able to use your Brandeis UNet credentials to log in.

B Connect homepage with the 'get started' button(Image Description: The B Connect homepage with the 'Get Started' button)

B Connect login page with menu items featuring UNet credential login(Image Description: After selecting the 'Get Started' button, a menu prompt will pop up indicating how users want to sign into their account. Select 'UNet ID (students only) button.)

If you previously registered your account on B Connect, simply select 'Sign-In' from the top right corner of the B Connect log-in page to sign back in. 

B Connect home page with the sign-in menu open(Image Description: B Connect homepage with the top right sign-in menu open. Returning student users will select 'UNet ID (students only)).

For additional assistance logging in, contact Brenda Shively: bshively@brandeis.edu