Employer Instagram Takeovers


Employer Instagram Takeovers are a valuable way for an organization to increase their visibility as well as engage with students and alumni as it relates to position openings, their attendance at virtual events and fairs, upcoming deadlines and other recruitment activities. 

Mirroring typical in-person tabling events, Instagram takeovers are a casual and accessible way for both students to learn as well as connect. It is free for employers to participate in and typically scheduled Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Employers will have access to the Hiatt Instagram story function where they will provide content as well as other interactive elements as described below in the how-to section.

Interested participants can email our assistant director of marketing and communications to select a date that aligns well with upcoming deadlines or events they wish to promote. They can also speak with a member of the employer relations team to align all of their recruiting efforts within the same timeframe. 

How it is marketed to students:

Students will receive information about upcoming takeovers in the weekly events email they receive from Hiatt as well as other communications as it relates to specific industries and student groups. 

Takeovers will be saved as a story highlight on the Hiatt account for a few months so students can refer back to the takeover. 

How it works:

The morning of the takeover, employers will receive account information via email to access the Hiatt Instagram page. There will also be provided a tip sheet on how to best communicate, market and interact with the followers. Common elements of successful Instagram takeovers include:

You are also encouraged to use some of the features within the story function to help increase engagement such as: