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Senior spotlight of (from left to right) Karla Minne, Blanca Rodriguez, Laura Grunenkovaite, and Andrea OrdonezAs the job market continues to evolve and change, so does the recruiting and hiring process. Job applications are now systemized, phone and video interviews are more common and most organizations favor recruiting based on their own timelines and needs.

Hiatt continues to support these new ways of recruiting and foster relationships with our partners to better understand, as well as educate our students about the job search and hiring process. One of the most significant factors that should be taken into consideration is industry recruiting timelines.


Industry Recruiting Timelines and Planned Hiring

Every industry has its own timeline for hiring and recruiting. This is known as "planned hiring" where employers know the number of hires they will need to fill openings. Usually, planned hiring occurs six to 18 months prior to a position starting (this is most typical in industries like consulting and finance). The Hiatt Career Center will plan larger career events and programming around these timelines so students are aware of opportunities and have access to apply.

Unplanned or "as needed hiring," is when employers have immediate openings with the goal to fill them within one to three months of posting. When employers are seeking to fill these roles, they most frequently post their positions on job search sites such as Handshake to access a large pool of candidates. They can also specify certain qualifications that fit their hiring criteria (student major, GPA, graduation year, etc.).

"Know your timetable when applying to jobs. The roles I was looking to apply for were advertised in the fall semester, so I was more prepared. My friends that had interests in other industries were not aware of their recruiting cycles and ended up burning out doing job searches before the appropriate time."

— Aaron G. '19, business and computer science major

Expectations and Outcomes

The Hiatt Career Center's annual Beyond Brandeis survey provides insight into the employment and continuing education status of Brandeis University undergraduates within six months of graduation.

  • Typically at graduation, around 30% of students indicate they have confirmed post-graduation plans.
  • Six months later, about 95% to 98% of students have confirmed post-graduation plans.
  • Even after six months, around 2% to 3% of students will still be searching and solidifying career plans. Though this is relatively normal, this percentage is well below the data from our peer schools.

"There is no [one] timeline. Don't put pressure on yourself to have a job or opportunity lined up right after graduation. Everyone will find the path that works best for them."

— Priyanka R.,'19, HSSP (health, science, society and policy) major

Beyond Your College Major

The path from college major to a professional career isn't always linear. In fact, it's a journey of experiences that build on top of one another creating new opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Some students may approach their job search with a very refined lens based on their undergraduate major and seek to work in aligning fields.

At Hiatt, we encourage students to leverage their liberal arts education and experiences to look beyond the notion that a major defines the rest of your career. Explore the versatile career paths of Brandeis graduates as it relates to their major and their career on Beyond Brandeis.

Career Advice Beyond Brandeis

Engagement and Career Support

Hiatt regularly brings together experts, employers and alumni to meet and speak with students in classes, online and in-person for exploration, preparation and networking. We also host, create and co-sponsor career programs and fairs throughout the academic year. Current offerings are available to view in Handshake or the Brandeis Campus Events Calendar.

As the undergraduate career center, we support all current students as well as undergraduate alumni in all facets of their careers. Along with educational and engagement opportunities as it relates to employment, our office also provides career counseling appointments, virtual and in-person resources and connections to the professional world through alumni, faculty and staff.

"I cannot overemphasize how much the Hiatt Career Center was a transformative part of my Brontte HwangBrandeis experience. In addition to being a welcoming, supportive place for students, the Hiatt Career Center's World of Work Fellowship changed the trajectory of my academics, gave new meaning to my studies, and was the starting point of the path I am now on towards education and holistic community development. I am so grateful that I can walk into Hiatt anytime and know that I can see a friendly face and receive lifelong career guidance.

"Whenever I get the chance to talk to incoming or current students, I always tell them, 'Make sure you go to the Hiatt Career Center! You’ll be glad you did!' "

— Brontte Hwang '15, MBA '21

Faculty, Staff and Alumni Involvement

Along with employers, Hiatt partners with faculty, staff and alumni for programming and career education. We value their unique perspectives, experiences and insights into industries and post-graduate education.