Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to the Brandeis Class of 2020! This is an exciting next chapter for you and the Hiatt Career Center is here to provide support along the way. Below are some senior-focused resources that will help you get started on life after Brandeis. 

We recognize that your post-graduation plans may have been impacted by the challenges and uncertainties that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff will continue to be a resource and accessible during this time and after and welcome any questions or updates you have regarding your current status. 

The Hiatt Career Center is very proud of you and is here to help you navigate the obstacles as well as celebrate your successes. Keep up to date with any changes regarding our operations on our FAQ page.

Wishing you all the best of luck and success! Here’s our “virtual toast” to you.

staff members toasting on video chat

Your Plans Beyond Brandeis
If you have finalized your post-graduation plans or are still figuring things out, Hiatt wants to know. Your response to the Beyond Brandeis survey will inform us where you are going and how we can help. It’s important for us to understand how we can better assist you during this time, so if you let us know you need further support, we can provide that for you. 


Free Career Services For Life
Remember all the access you had as a student? Well, consider it, forever! All undergraduate alumni have FREE career services for life and we mean it. Whether you are just embarking on your job search, changing your plans, in need of an updated resume review or considering options for graduate school, we have you covered. Additional services include:

Visit the Brandeis Alumni Career Services homepage for more information:

Adulting 101 
There are some skills that you may not learn in the classroom that are essential as an adult in post-Brandeis life. Finding a place to live, setting a budget, balancing student loans and just navigating the transition can feel like a brand new venture. Check out these resources and tools to help you get started.

Job Search
You've graduated and the time has come to get a "real job." Part of adulting is being able to support yourself while growing as a professional. Though you may experience many different roles and positions throughout your career, they all start the same - with the search. For an in-depth overview of the job search process, start here.