Handshake is your one-stop-shop for accessing career information, job and internship postings, events and more. Brandeis students can access Handshake below or on the Brandeis portal. 

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Why should you use Handshake?

Get started by updating your Handshake profile. By having a complete profile, users are five times more likely to receive messages from potential employers. The video below contains five quick tips on making the most out of your profile:


Additional Tips and Tutorials:

Getting Started

1. Log in: We’ve already set up a Handshake account for you. Just go to brandeis.joinhandshake.com and follow the prompts to log in and get started.

2. Introduce yourself: Your profile is your time to shine, so don’t be shy about listing your accomplishments. Because the more potential employers know about you, the better the chance they’ll reach out. Make sure to list all of your hard work — in the classroom and out — in your profile.

3. Tell us what you want to do and where you want to be: Set your preferences for the types of jobs and locations you’re interested in, so we find the right opportunities for you. Because searching through hundreds of job postings that don’t fit isn’t a good use of your time. Let us help! You'll also receive targeted communications and emails from the Hiatt Career Center to keep you up to date with what's going on in your areas of interest.

Registering for Events

Learn how to navigate the Handshake database to find, register and research employer-related career events.

Ask Questions & Spread the Word

Take control over what you want to learn and ask with these features:

  • Student Q&A: In Q&A (Question & Answer), students can ask career-related questions, and get answers from other students or alumni from any school.
  • Peer Messaging - Peer Messaging gives students and alumni the ability to make their Handshake profiles visible to other students and alumni across Handshake schools and to message them!
Finding Employers and Creating Reviews

Find the best places to work according to your Brandeis classmates. Compare opportunities across thousands of companies. Reviews are an opportunity for students to share feedback on internship experiences with other students and their employer. You may edit, update or delete their reviews at any time.

Learn more about Handshake reviews. 

Looking to connect with employers? The Employer Directory has over 400,000 active employer profiles where you can find reviews, recruiter information and other Brandeis students and alumni that have worked there.

Handshake Help Center
Handshake offers a robust online help center to answer all of your questions about your account including your profile, job applications, events as well as quick training videos. Visit the Handshake Help Center.

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Take your career search on the go with the Handshake app. Download for free in the App Store or Google Play. Search "Handshake."

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