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    What can you do with a major in ... ?

  • A Brandeis education prepares you for many potential career paths. While a major is focused on a specific academic discipline or field, through your coursework you will build broad skills that are transferable to many different careers. The Hiatt Career Center is here to help you explore majors and how they connect with future opportunities.

    Where to Start

    Explore who you are and identify your values, skills, interests and motivations.

    If you're just getting started, you might want to reflect on the classes or activities you enjoy and then look for majors and occupations where you can continue to build upon those interests. If you already have a career that interests you, you might work backwards to consider majors that will help support your future plans. Either way, you can begin by exploring who you are and identifying your values, skills, interests and motivations.

    Here are some resources to help you get started:

    • Browse What Can I Do With This Major? to explore major areas, types of employers that hire people with each major, and strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.

    • Take TypeFocus, an online tool to gain insights about your personality and interests and apply them to major and career decisions. Meet with a Hiatt counselor to review what you learn.

    • Meet with us to explore majors and identify future options.

    • Join student clubs and organizations, take a variety of classes, and volunteer to explore and hone your interests.

    Explore Majors

    Learn what Brandeis has to offer.

    Here are some resources to learn what Brandeis has to offer:

    Explore Careers

    Identify potential careers and conduct industry research.

    If you're exploring areas of interest, look for opportunities to learn more. If you already have an idea of what you're interested in, you might need help narrowing down your options. When exploring careers, it's important to develop plans while staying open to new opportunities. Here are some resources for career exploration and research:

    • O*NET has detailed descriptions, responsibilities, required skills, preferred interests, and general work styles and environments for a variety of professions.
    • Vault profiles 6,500+ companies in different industries and provides an overview, rankings, and employee reviews for each company. Access Vault's 250+ guides on interview prep, resume, industries, professions, employers, and internships. 
    • Internships are a great way to try out potential careers for yourself. Also try volunteering, part-time jobs and informational interviews.
    • Talk to people who know you and/or who know about your majors and fields of interest. Friends, family, professors, and advisors can all give you great information about majors and fields to help inform your decision making.

    Learn by Example

    Browse student and alumni paths by major, industry and geography.

    One of the best ways to find out more about potential majors and careers is to see what other students and alumni like you have done. Search these resources by major, industry, geography and more to see where Brandeis students intern, where recent Brandeis grads live and work right after graduation, and where Brandeis alumni end up long after graduation.

    • Brandeis Internship Exchange (BIX) — Read internship reviews written by Brandeis students to get ideas.

    • Beyond Brandeis — Browse the first destinations of Brandeis graduates within six months of graduation to get a sense of entry-level opportunities. Click on the "Majors to Industries" tab to get started. 

    • LinkedIn — Look at the profiles of Brandeis alumni and students to see sample career paths that match your interests.

    Identities at Work

    Learn more about how Hiatt supports Brandeis undergraduate students and alumni of all affiliations, backgrounds, identities and preferences.

    Hiatt supports Brandeis undergraduate students and alumni of all affiliations, backgrounds, identities and preferences in considering how intersecting identities might impact work and professional development. Learn more about career resources, networking, job search sites, legal considerations and more.

    Seek Out Campus Resources

    These departments can help with major and career decisions.

    There are many people and departments on campus who can help you with different aspects of the major and career decision-making process, including professors, staff, and even fellow students.

    • The Hiatt Career Center offers one-on-one meetings on major and career exploration, job and internship search, and graduate school, as well as opportunities to connect with alumni and employers.

    • Academic Advisors provide one-on-one advising on major and course selection, study abroad, health professions advising, disabilities support, and more.

    • Undergraduate Advising Heads (UAHs) are faculty advisors within various academic departments that can help you explore majors and minors.

    • Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs) are students within various academic departments that can help you learn more about majors/minors of interest.

    • International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) assists international students with your adjustment to Brandeis and offers advice and counsel on financial, academic and personal issues.

    • Library & Technology Services (LTS) offers resources beyond academic research and computer help. They provide workshops, tutorials, and other tools to help with major and career research.

    • Brandeis Counseling Center offers counseling and group sessions for students in times of stress.

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