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To our students, alumni, partners and community, 

We recognize that the past year has been challenging in many ways and its impact has gone beyond the classroom. Back in May, George Floyd’s death sent shockwaves throughout our community and country that propelled all of us to think more deeply and proactively about systematic racism, bias and discrimination. Though there were many moments before and after that have been difficult and emotional, our commitment to standing against these issues has not wavered.

The Hiatt Career Center and our staff are committed to building a space for students, alumni, employers, parents, families and the Brandeis community that is welcoming and all-inclusive. Our work as a career center goes far beyond resumes. Your future as professionals will present you with many intersectional issues as they relate to the world of work and Hiatt is here to help you consider how those intersecting identities might impact work and professional development.

In collaboration with the Black Action Plan, we have updates to share on our progress to address systemic racism at Brandeis. You can also review our commitment to diversity webpage for additional information on how we work with and support our Students of Color. 

As we mentioned back in June, our work as an office as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion will not be done. As we move forward, we will be working closely with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as student groups and campus partners to continue to build resources, create programming and provide a space to address these issues as they relate to careers and the world of work. 

Wishing you a safe a happy end of the semester, 

Jon Schlesinger
Interim Director of Hiatt & Director of Career Development
Item I: Gather Data on Student Internship and Career Attainment
Hiatt has launched a new initiative to collect data on student internships through Handshake using the Reviews function. Brandeis students can submit feedback about their internship experiences that can be shared with other students right in Handshake. As more submissions are collected, they will be included on the website. 
Item II: Make Career Advisors’ Professional Expertise More Known to Students
While our staff work with all students and alumni in all areas of interests and majors, they also represent unique career trajectories and experiences themselves. To better promote and potentially help students connect with a staff member that may be a good fit, we have updated our staff directory page and created a more direct career team page where students can explore the backgrounds of our counselors. 
Item III: Partner With More Local Organizations to Provide a Diverse Array of Hands-on Learning Opportunities for Black Students and Students of Color
We build ongoing relationships with employers and partners to provide educational programming, networking opportunities and recruiting events. As we cultivate and receive job and internship opportunities that are focused on Black Students and Students of Color, we will work to make them more accessible for students to apply. While in Handshake, users can search for opportunities using filters and labels including searching for any DEI Opportunity and Brandeis Connection. Learn more about how Handshake filters help streamline searches.
Item IV: Provide More Networking, Mentoring, Internship, and Professional Development Opportunities Specifically Welcoming to Black Students and Students of Color   
This spring, our newest initiative ‘Rise Together’ will launch. This new networking program will help students connect with alumni, to further grow and foster connections. One of the several industry and affinity group planned will be Brandeisians of Color.
Hiatt-Led Diversity Programs
All of our events and programs are open to all students to participate in. We recognize that many students may seek more specific and tailored activities as they relate to their own personal backgrounds and identities. As we continue to build and collaborate on programs, here are some events to note:

This three-part series offered programming to celebrate as well as tap into your unique self as it relates to the workplace. Programs included ‘I Am Remarkable,’ ‘Equity in Action,’ and ‘Authenticity in the Workplace.’ In case you missed these events, read the recaps.
Diversity Career Summit, January 12- 13, 2021
This two-day career summit is designed to help under-represented college students build skills and connections to help launch a career in technology. You’ll hear actionable advice and diverse perspectives on the workplace from industry speakers.
Internship Search: DEI Welcoming Opportunities, February 11, 2021
Navigate your internship search with effective strategies and resources to help identify and secure your next opportunity! We'll focus on how to find and locate DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive) roles specifically welcoming to students of color.

Hiatt Career Week 2021
In the spring semester, Hiatt hosts Career Week to help students get ‘real-world’ ready for life after Brandeis. Whether you think you have it all figured out or are just starting to begin, these programs will help give you the strategies and skills to feel more prepared as you plan your next steps. Some diversity-focused events will include:

Identity at Work: Navigating Resources for Students of Color and First-Generation Students, March 16, 2021  
A collaborative discussion on work-specific issues as it relates to students of color and first-generation students. Participants will be introduced to career resources and guidance as to how to navigate these issues in the world of work.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recruiter Panel, March 18, 2021
Hear directly from recruiters about the hiring process and diversity efforts in their industries. Ask questions, gain insight and learn more about the company culture.