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Winter Break: Reflect, Relax, Explore + Expand

winter scene

Winter break is almost here! Though the extra weeks provide us with some time to take a break and relax, it also is an opportunity for you to make some headway on those outstanding career to-do’s that you haven’t gotten around to just yet! 

Here’s how you can go about crossing some of those things off your list:

First: Relax

Yes, we mean it!  Use your break to take a break. This year has been incredibly disruptive and stressful and you have found ways to dig deep and make things work. It is okay to rest and reflect on everything you’ve experienced.

Then: Reflect

  • Detail your experience in a reflection journal and note the skills and strengths you have discovered about yourself
  • Write down five things you are grateful for and send them to your family and friends
  • Pursue a hobby or activity just because it is something you enjoy

Explore your options

Whether you are looking into different majors or considering different careers, there are a few resources to help get you started:

Polish your brand

How is your LinkedIn headline looking lately? If it says something along the lines of “college student majoring in x,” you may want to give it another update. Think about your own personal brand; how does it illustrate who you are, your skills and what you want prospective employers to know? Your online brand is a valuable foundation for you to make connections, grow your professional network and attract opportunities. 

If you need help thinking more about your brand, set up a meeting with a Hiatt career counselor to review your online profiles and portfolios as well as your application materials and networking outreach emails. To get started on your own, check out these resources on our website: 

Expand your network and build valuable relationships

Networking is an opportunity to obtain information about industries, companies and positions, even if the employer is not hiring at the moment. You can speak with fellow students and Brandeis alumni to learn about their experiences with the industries and employers that hold your interest 

Gain experience and build new skills

Volunteer work is a great way for students to build skills and strengthen their story for employers.  And the great news is that there are thousands of volunteer opportunities that can be done remotely.