Career Advice Beyond Brandeis

What's better than hearing advice from Brandeisians that have been where you are before? Members of the Class of 2020 left behind career advice for future graduates in the areas of getting started, dealing with stress, overcoming obstacles, staying curious, and networking. 

Hear from some of our Class of 2020 graduates as well as previous Brandeis alumni.

career advice from brandeisians
Samuel Chestna
Samuel Chestna
Major: Politics, English
Graduate School/Program: Columbia University / J.D.

“Brandeis has such a great alumni network, use it! I’ve already met some Brandeis grads in law school, and it has been fantastic to meet people with the same memories."

Madison Matthews
Madison Matthews
Major: Economics
Company/Role: Accenture / Business and Integration Analyst

“Networking has been super impactful for learning about what jobs exist; ones that I might want and how to go about obtaining them.”

Faiyaz Rahman
Faiyaz Rahman
Major: Biology, Neuroscience
Company/Role: Eutropics / Research Associate


“Be persistent! I had a job offer canceled because of the pandemic, but staying persistent about my goals helped me catch another one in a short time.”

yashaspriya rathi
Yashaspriya Rathi
Major: Economics, Psychology, Business
Graduate School / Program: Yale University / MBA


“If you are even slightly interested in graduate school, it is important to do the research for it and prepare. Utilize the vast resources available through Hiatt and other platforms.

Rachel Saunders
Rachel Saunders
Major: Biology, Creative Writing
Company/Role: Boston Children's Hospital / Clinical Research Assistant


“Most of the impactful internships, jobs and experiences I have had were the product of me taking a chance and just going for the opportunity.”

Emma Spector
Emma Spector
Major: Business, Psychology
Company/Role: Hubspot / Inbound Success Coach


“Talk to people and do a lot of informational interviews. Be sure to reach out to people.”