Network with Alumni

Alumni are among the best mentors for students who want to get insights about fields and organizations in ways you simply cannot do through online research. Hiatt coordinates a number of activities to help you expand your Brandeis network:

photo of students at an alumni event in New York City


The Hiatt Career Center welcomes and includes all students in events, programs and services. Hiatt is committed to providing opportunities to any student, alumni, employer, or partner without regard to race, color, ancestry, religion, gender identity and expression, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, military or veteran status, or disabilities including physical, sensory, psychological, medical or learning, or any other category protected by law.

If you anticipate needing accommodation or have questions about the access provided, please contact Hiatt at 781-736-3618 in advance of the program or visit. If you have questions about documenting a disability or requesting accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Support at 781-736-3470 or