A portfolio is a showcase for your achievements and talents, which can be used to show samples of your work certificates, diplomas, awards, letters of commendation, and so on.  It is most often presented online/electronically, in a good quality binder, or in a visual arts portfolio.

Advantages to Using a Portfolio

A portfolio provides a structure for you to keep all of your essential work-related samples and documents protected in one place and demonstrates tangible proof of your skills and abilities.  It allows you to easily find and access those materials when you need them for a job search, performance appraisal, or application for a promotion.

A portfolio allows you to expand on your résumé in a comprehensive manner and concretely share your area of expertise.  You can be more creative in your portfolio than you are in producing your résumé and cover letter. If you create a "master portfolio," you can easily pick and choose items to customize a portfolio for a particular position.

Elements of a Portfolio

Your Portfolio Might Include:

Advanced Professionals Might Also Consider Including: