Application Information and Timeline

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Before You Begin


To assist you in completing the WOW application by the deadline, it is recommended that you view the application timeline below. You will need several documents from external sources such as a letter of offer from your employer and letters of recommendation, so we suggest that you start well before the deadline. However, you can work with Hiatt Career Center counselors to catch up at any point.

  • Drop into Hiatt Career Center to work on your resume. You will need an excellent resume, both to secure your internship and to complete your WOW application

  • Start researching and identifying organizations at which you would like to work.

December + Winter Break
  • Speak to your supervisor or faculty member about securing a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can take a long time to secure, especially from busy faculty members. 

  • Utilize Hiatt's resources to identify internship opportunities.

  • Speak with organizations about creating a new internship within their structure, or securing an already existing internship. Talk to them about the possibility of funding from Brandeis. 

January + February
  • New application launches on first day spring semester

  • Ask your reference well ahead of the deadline for a recommendation. You should have this conversation even if you have not identified an internship site.

  • Continue conversations with organizations to secure a "letter of offer."

  • Make an appointment with Hiatt to discuss your essay responses.

  • Have a verbal offer from an internship site.

  • Secure a written letter of offer.

  • Confirm with your references that letters of recommendation are complete. 

  • Complete the online application by the deadline. Incomplete or late applications cannot be accepted. 

  • Selected fellows begin their internships.

  • Fellows are required to check in with a Hiatt counselor on the first day of work and at midpoint of their experience.

  • Fellows contribute blog posts to the WOW blog and complete evaluations. Social Justice WOW recipients will also contribute to smaller group discussion boards and write thank you letters to the donor.

Selection and Notification

Applications will be evaluated by Brandeis staff members based on learning goals, strength of invitation, preparedness and maturity for the experience, match between goals and host organization and additional criteria (download rubric). All applicants will be notified by email of the selection committee's decision by mid-April.

Application Components

The online WOW application has five components. Prior to submission, carefully review details for each requirement below. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit all required information to Hiatt by the deadline. We cannot accept partial or late applications

Online Application & Essay Questions

This part of the application has four components:

  1. Information about you

  2. Information about your internship site

  3. File upload (for resume, transcript, and letter of recommendation)

  4. Short essay questions are a crucial component of your application and weigh heavily in the committee's decision-making process. We ask that you:

    • Clearly articulate your interest in this particular organization/role/industry & how you have prepared for this experience.

    • Define learning goals (academic, personal, career) that you hope to achieve this summer

    • Explain how you plan to achieve those goals, citing specific examples from the work you will be doing

Essay Questions

  • Please provide a brief summary of your organization (for example, its mission, activities, size, specific projects, etc.). 100 words.

  • Please describe the process of researching, locating and negotiating your internship. 100 words.

  • Please describe your proposed duties and responsibilities at this summer internship. 100 words.

  • Identify an 1) academic, 2) career and 3) personal goal for your summer experience. In your response, cite specific responsibilities/tasks/assignments/projects from your job description and/or Letter of Offer that clearly demonstrate to the Selection Committee how you plan to address and achieve each of the three goals this summer. 300 words.

  • How have you prepared for this role? What experiences led you to pursue this specific internship opportunity at this specific point in your career exploration (for example, Brandeis academics, leadership, previous work experience, volunteering, etc.) 250 words.

  • Additional question of interning abroad: Why have you chosen to work abroad, specifically in this country? How does this tie into your goals? 150 words

  • Optional question: Are there special financial or other circumstances you feel the committee should consider when reviewing your application? 250 words

  • Additional question for social justice WOW applicants only: Describe your interest in/passion for social justice and in particular, this organization's work. Specifically, how will you work to reduce inequalities through your responsibilities? 300 words or 60 second web-hosted video.

  • Additional question for experiential learning applicants only: Keeping in mind the Experiential Learning Principals and Goals, how do you make connections among all the aspects of your life (academics, extracurriculars, activism, family, communities, etc.). You may choose to use the following questions as prompts, but don't need to answer them directly. How have you taken ownership of your learning process? When you feel like you belong to a community, how does it affect your learning? How do your majors/minors connect to each other? How have you applied what you’ve learned in one class in a completely different context? 500-750 words

Letter of Offer

The Selection Committee will want to know that a significant conversation was conducted to identify a strong fit between your goals and the experience the organization can provide.

You must secure a letter from your future supervisor confirming that he/she has offered you an internship at the organization. The letter should:

  • Specify your dates of employment, which must be at least 8 weeks, 200 hours

  • Confirm that the internship is unpaid

  • Explain your responsibilities in detail (or attach a detailed job description)

  • Acknowledge and support your learning goals (from your WOW application)

  • Detail how you will be supervised (if you will be working off-site or off-hours, including remote hours, please indicate that)

  • Preferably be on company letterhead, signed by your supervisor

  • You may wish to present this Letter of Offer explanation form (PDF) to your supervisor for guidance

Sample letter of offer (PDF)
Letter of Recommendation

You will need one (1) letter of recommendation. Because the letter of recommendation typically takes longest to collect, we suggest starting the conversation with your reference as soon as possible.

  • Please select a reference that can best speak to your relevant qualifications and fit within this particular internship opportunity.

  • You may choose a current or previous supervisor, faculty, or other Brandeis staff.

    • Recommendations from peers are not permitted.

    • Recommendations from your proposed summer internship site supervisor are not permitted.

      Advice for Selecting References

  • References may submit letters by either:

    • Providing you with a hard-copy letter in a signed, sealed envelope to be turned in to the Hiatt Career Center.

    • Submitting an electronic letter through this Online Recommendation Form.

  • Please submit only one letter. Hiatt will not read nor consider any additional recommendations.

    Sample letter of recommendation (PDF)

  • Official transcripts can be requested through the Registrar's office.

  • Unofficial transcript can also be copied and pasted from SAGE into a Word document.

Apply Now!

Please be advised: we recommend that you complete the application in one sitting. Due to web browser settings, Hiatt cannot guarantee that you will be able to save entered information and return to it at a later time.

Also, you are strongly advised to write your essay responses in a separate document and then to cut and paste them into the appropriate boxes in the application. 

Start the online portion of your 2019 WOW application.