Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find all the information to get started and apply for a WOW Fellowship. If you have additional questions, please contact Jackie Blesso.

What constitutes a complete application?

There are five parts to the WOW application:

  1. Online application

  2. Resume

  3. Copy of your Brandeis transcript

  4. Letter of recommendation; and

  5. Letter from your future supervisor offering you a position for the summer

Please carefully review and follow the application instructions. All materials must de delivered by the deadline. We do not accept partial or late applications.

What are the deadlines and schedule of notification?

Fellows will be notified by mid-April. You can see more on the Application Information and Timeline page.

What are the program requirements for length and number of hours for the internship?

The internship must be a minimum of 8 weeks and at least 200 hours. The internship should involve substantive duties and meet a set of goals agreed upon by the student and the sponsor/supervisor at the work site. The length of time is important to the program as it allows time for building relationships, learning about the organization and completing substantial projects.

Who is eligible to apply?

Prior to applying to the World of Work fellowship, students are required to review the eligibility and program requirements.

Please Note

International students must discuss their plans with the ISSO prior to applying to learn about any visa issues related to their proposed internship. If doing the internship in the United States, international students must be enrolled in a credit-bearing course in the summer and have CPT authorization. Contact ISSO for more information.

Is the program open to all fields of work?

Students can propose internships in any field; since students choose their internship sites, they should be motivated to explore the field as a potential career interest. The internship should involve substantive duties and meet a set of goals agreed upon by the student and the sponsor/supervisor at the work site.

There are several subsets of WOW. Students applying for these awards must have internships that fit the appropriate subject matter. If you have questions about whether or not your internship fits within the criteria of the different WOWs, please contact Jackie Blesso.

Can I work in either the private or the public sector?

Yes, you can work for any type of organization. If you are applying for any of the special-interest WOWs, your duties/role must match the qualifications of that particular WOW fund.

I’m getting paid for my internship; can I still apply to WOW?

No. The WOW program is designed to support student internships at organizations that do not have the resources to pay interns for their work.

Can I do my internship during the academic year?

No. The WOW program currently supports students pursuing summer internships only.

Will WOW sponsor me to do thesis research or start my own organization?

No. The program aims to support students pursuing workplace career objectives in organizational environments.

What should the Letter of Offer from my proposed sponsor/supervisor include?

The Letter of Offer confirms that you have been offered an internship at your work site, detailing (1) the time frame and number of hours, (2) the work that you will be performing, (3) acknowledges the goals that you and organization have discussed for your internship, and (4) suggests how you will be supervised/mentored during the summer. This letter is a crucial part of your application and should paint a clear picture of your proposed work there, and should be tailored to your skills and expectations.

What happens if I don't have an internship secured by the deadline?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept partial or late applications. However, many employers are willing to expedite their decision-making process if they are aware that you are applying for funding through your university. Follow up with the organization to indicate that are hoping to apply for WOW. You may choose to include this letter explaining the WOW program to employers.

Can I work in my home country or abroad?

Yes, applicants can propose internships in any country. However, please know that the Hiatt Career Center is concerned about your health and safety while traveling and living abroad. Please consult the State Department Travel Advisory when deciding on places where you would like to gain your experience.

Can I win a WOW award twice in my career at Brandeis?

No. Past WOW recipients are not eligible to receive additional WOW funds in subsequent years. If you have previously applied to WOW, and were not selected, you are encouraged to apply again. There is no limit for the number of times you can apply for WOW funding.

Can I do two separate internships that equal the required length and number of hours?

No. The program is designed to fund a single internship at an organization providing an opportunity to learn about and explore a specific set of career related goals. The benefit of one internship site is that it fosters a commitment between two partners — intern and employer — to an in-depth and sustained work experience where mentors learn about the student’s needs over time and the student makes a substantive contribution to the organization’s work.

How and when do I get my check?

Students are now required to participate in direct deposit. To sign up for a direct deposit account, please visit the BUSS site or the Payroll Office. Fellows will receive the stipend in the spring, prior to leaving campus.

Do I have to account for my expenses with receipts or other documents?

Selected WOW Fellows do not have to account for their expenses. The program expects that students will pursue the internship for which they were selected and that the funds will support this effort. If for any reason a participant drops out of the program, the Hiatt Career Center will discuss the feasibility of returning any remaining funds back to the program.

Will someone at Hiatt be available during my summer internship if I need assistance?

Yes, you will be assigned a Hiatt counselor who will check in with you at the beginning, middle, and end of your internship. You can always contact Hiatt over the summer for information and advice as you pursue your WOW internship. Hiatt is open during regular business hours throughout the summer.

What if I am studying abroad in the spring?

If you are abroad in the spring, you may still submit your application materials online. We do, however, recommend that you advise your reference to submit an electronic letter of recommendation in lieu of a hard copy.

I got my internship through an organization that arranges opportunities for students with companies and institutions; am I eligible for WOW funding?

No. Internships that are secured FOR students by an internship placement service through a third-party organization are NOT eligible for WOW support. In addition, organizations that require mandatory contributions/donations, fee-for-services (housing, travel, etc), or fee-for-materials will not be supported by WOW.

Can I pursue an experience on campus?

The primary goal of WOW funds is to support your exploration of the world of work. Broadening your experiences by working off-campus, and thus creating a larger career network, should be your priority when researching potential internships. However, we recognize that in certain cases (for example, laboratory research), continuity of work on campus would be more beneficial for your career. In such cases, you must be explicit in your application statement as to why the on-campus internship rather than an off-campus experience better fits your specific goals.