HORNSTEIN ALUMNI met up with Mark Rosen and students while they were visiting Washington, D.C. in December 2018. From left, front row: Leslie Black, Talia Weisberg, Melanie Phillips Fine, MA/MBA'17, Dinah Zeltser-Winant MA/MM'00, Sharon Brown-Sherry, MA'90, Alexis Bock Robbins, MA/MBA '06, Elinor Klein, MA'12, Jackie Terry Burman MA'07. Middle row standing from left: Leah Robbins, Talia Flomenhoft, Katie Hamelburg. Back row from left: Mark Rosen, Aaron Weinberg, BA/MA'15, Matthew Jadd, Sanford Aronson, Katie Goldig, Jonathan Marx, Daniel Nussbaum, Harry Abrahams, Joshua Mellits, Mike Fishbein, and Molly Goldmeier. Mollie Feldman, MA/MA'17 and Michal Dicker, MA/MBA'17 visited the group but are not pictured.


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Phillip Brodsky
MA/MBA '10

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MA '88

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Steven Huberman

Daniel Lange
MA/MBA '13

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Hornstein Alumni

Hornstein alumni and students with Prof. Mark Rosen, Starr Seminar D.C., December 2018

Our Alumni

Hornstein's 650+ alumni worldwide are in demand! Recognized as highly trained and exceptional organizational leaders, these talented men and women successfully work in all aspects of Jewish life, from Jewish federations and Hillels to Jewish community centers and day schools.

Networking keeps the community vibrant and strong, with alumni providing invaluable support to new graduates and prospective Jewish professional leadership students.

If you are a Hornstein alumni and want to update your data, please fill out our Alumni Update Form, email us, or call us at 781-736-2990.


Where in the world are Hornstein alumni? Based on our data in early 2015, we compiled the numbers. Hornstein alumni are in 36 U.S. states and 10 other countries. The concentration of our alumni in certain states may come as no surprise.

Seventy-seven of our alumni are "lost." If you are among these and want to be found, send us your information and we'll gladly update our files.

Chart: Hornstein Alumni In the World

Hornstein alumni are in 36 U.S. states and 10 other countries around the globe.

Hornstein alumni meet in Tel Aviv for social gathering, Dec. 22, 2015

Hornstein Students & Alumni in Israel
Gathering, December 22, 2015,
Tel Aviv

Pictured above, standing from left: Shoshana Feldman-Ganor MA'95, Judy Feierstein MA'75, Josie Zaldin Arbel MA'78, Yana Drozdovski MA/MBA'13, Joe Hyams MA/MBA'15, Jeremy Bandler MA/MM'99. Seated from, from left: Rachel Canar MA'00 and Yishai Ashkenazi MA/MBA'09.

Isaac Rothbart, Jessica Levine Rothbart, Joel Abramson, Hornstein Program

Isaac Rothbart MA/MBA'09
Jessica Levine Rothbart MA/MBA'10
Joel Abramson MA/MBA'16

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Pictured below. Hornstein alumni, students, and faculty meet annually in New York City as part of the Starr Seminar. Pictured above are Hornstein alumni in February 2016. From front left: Elisheva Massel MA/MBA '14, Yana Tolmacheva MA/MBA '13, Jessica Levine Rothbart MA/MBA '10; from back left: Daniel Lange MA/MBA '13, Jason Pressburg MA/MBA '14, Noah Zaves MA/MBA '14, Hornstein Professor Mark Rosen, Isaac Rothbart MA/MBA '09, James Taber MA/MBA '11, Rebecca Shapiro Ruberg BA/MA '11, Noam Gilboord MA/MA '10. 

Hornstein alumni, NYC 2016