Other Activities

Students walking on campus

Each year, orientation is planned and led by student co-chairs, a faculty advisor, and Hornstein staff.


The culminating event of a Hornstein student's graduate school life, Hornstein's diploma ceremony (held after the University's main ceremony) is planned and executed by the graduating students themselves in consultation with a Hornstein faculty or staff member. Planning begins early in the spring semester. Read more about our alumni.

Fall Student Orientation

A key aspect in the lifecycle of a graduate student, fall orientation not only provides important logistical information but also sets the tone for a student's subsequent semesters. In consultation with a Hornstein faculty member, rising second-year students plan and execute the content and methodology of the orientation.

Admissions and Recruitment

Current Hornstein students are our best ambassadors. Over the course of the year, interested students meet with applicants to share their experiences in the program. This may involve having lunch with a candidate, participating in an open house or staffing a booth at a conference. One or two second-year students are also selected to be members of our Admissions Committee. Responsibilities include reviewing applications and corresponding with applicants.