Annual Performance Evaluation Guidelines

Supervisors are responsible for evaluating performance and providing feedback throughout the year.

Annually, in late winter or early spring, a more formal review is required using the university’s "annual performance evaluation" form. (New employees are reviewed at the end of their initial review period. An additional review is not required if the initial review is done after Nov. 1 of the previous year.)

The employee, supervisor, department head and vice president or dean sign the review form. This performance review is placed in the employee’s personnel file.

Purpose of Performance Appraisal

The purpose of the performance appraisal is for the supervisor and the employee to:

• Review current performance

• Review performance of the past year

• Document and highlight past accomplishment

• Identify areas for improvement

• Identify work goals and performance standards for the coming year

• Build stronger working relationships

• Provide employee with formal and informal feedback on performance

• Identify areas where additional support or training may be needed

• Encourage dialogue

Supervisor’s Guidelines

Before the Meeting

  1. Inform the employee approximately two weeks in advance that you intend to review his/her performance, and schedule a day and time for the review. Make sure the review takes place on this date unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  2. Ask the employee to complete an "employee prereview input" form and give it to you in advance of the review session. If performance issues are of concern, discuss them with the employee prior to writing the performance review.
  3. Ensure that the performance review is based upon the employee’s current job duties. If the job description does not accurately reflect the job duties the employee is performing, modify and attach it to the performance review, indicating that it has been modified. If the job description has changed significantly (more than one or two essential functions), please contact the Office of Human Resources.
  4. There are two options in conducting the performance review with the employee:

During the Meeting

  1. Conduct the performance review in a confidential manner behind closed doors.
  2. Put the employee at ease. Reviews can be overwhelming to employees.
  3. Review the employee’s performance ratings. Encourage employee’s comments on past performance, accomplishments or obstacles to progress and future goals.
  4. Keep the evaluation work-related. Do not address personality traits or personal issues. Interpersonal communication and behavior may be discussed, but they must have a demonstrated effect on the employee’s work and/or other employees’ abilities to get the job done.
  5. If the discussion is unproductive, continue it at another time.
  6. Have the employee sign the performance review form. The employee’s signature does not necessarily indicate agreement with the evaluation. If the employee does not wish to sign the form, indicate this on the form.
  7. Provide a copy of the signed form to the employee and send a copy of the form to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.

After the Meeting

  1. If the employee’s performance is unsatisfactory, please develop an action plan for continued performance management with appropriate time lines. Attach a copy of the plan to the completed evaluation form. Monitor the employee’s progress and ask for assistance and guidance from human resources staff if performance issues continue.
  2. Discuss progress periodically with the employee. Provide feedback whether there is improvement or lack of improvement. Offer direction and coach the employee when performance does not meet expectations.
  3. Remember that performance management is ongoing. Evaluate performance and communicate with the employee throughout the year.