Recruitment, Talent and Compensation

What We Do

We are responsible for hiring and onboarding your talent and promoting competitive, equitable compensation and legal compliance. Additionally, we establish hiring ranges, conduct market analyses and create career paths and title leveling criteria. We support restructuring, reporting, and/or job changes.

Who We Are

Lori Dougherty
Executive Director, HR

  • Responsible for directing the Recruitment & Talent team and oversees the Compensation pay analysis and design and restructures.
  • Directs and manages the development of job levels, criteria, career paths.
  • Oversees the recruitment team.
Melinda Cimino
Sr. Recruitment & Talent Specialist
  • High volume recruiter works with managers on the approval, posting, selection and hiring process.
  • Coordinates temporary employee hires and is the point of contact for temporary agencies.
  • Business Units currently handling include (but are not limited to) A & S, Grad A & S, Cohen, Heller, IA, Student Affairs, Rabb School, Summer School, BOLLI.
Erika Chin
Compensation & OD Internal Consultant (part-time)
  • Prepares case analyses for promotions, salary adjustments and new hires, documenting recommendations and rationale for management.
  • Conducts FLSA exemption status reviews, involving legal counsel as warranted to assure legal compliance.
  • Participates in all staff salary surveys and manages the comprehensive market database.
Shelley Payne
Compensation Assistant
  • Maintains the job description database; compares new and revised job descriptions for highlighting changes, point of contact for job descriptions.
  • Participates in conducting case analyses and market data reviews.
  • Participates in survey analysis.