Summer 2017 Teams

3-D Printing Functional Models for Education

Andrew Sawyer (PhD Student, Molecular Biology), Denise Hilton (PhD Student, Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology), Nicholas Clark ( PhD Student, Molecular Biology)

3-D Printing Functional Models for Education, is developing hands-on models to help teach complex biological concepts. Using 3D printing to create prototypes for inter-connecting proteins and biological concepts.

Articulate Biosciences

Justin Freeman (MS, Biotechnology), Benjy Cooper (BS’11)

Using our patented ABX platform technology, our mission is to deliver long-lasting pain relief and restoration of mobility to sufferers of osteoarthritis. Through deep understanding of patient and clinician needs, combined with innovative breakthroughs in medical device technology, Articulate Biosciences strives to bring back quality of life by eliminating chronic joint pain.

Cleanfield Capital Partners

Debarshi Nandy (Faculty, IBS), Kate Salop, former Senior Administrative Dean, IBS, Stephen Cecchetti (Faculty, Finance)

Using data analytics and a portfolio and securitization approach, we have developed a proprietary predictive algorithm which improves the viability of brownfield remediation and redevelopment, making it attractive to private sector funding from impact investors.

Cryo-electron Microscopy

Joel Meyerson (Faculty, Biochemistry), Jungwon Park (Faculty, Biochemistry)

The first step in obtaining a 3D protein structure with cryo-EM is freezing the target protein molecules into a thin layer of ice. This requires specialized technology which has remained largely unchanged since its inception 30 years ago. The problems associated with cryo-EM sample preparation are rooted in lack of control over the geometry and environment of the protein in the moments before freezing. Their solution aims to mitigate this problem by creating a small fluid cell to encapsulate the protein prior to freezing. This is accomplished with cutting edge materials science and nanofabrication.

Discovery Teaching

William Tarimo is (PhD '16), Kesey Sar

Discovery Teaching, A web based platform for dynamic teaching and learning that improves academic results and methods by using real time classroom interactions, feedback, and data-based insights.


Galen Karlan-Mason (MBA’17), Rafael Martins Guimarães (MBA Student, Data Analytics), Peitong Xue (Faculty, Data Science)

GreenChoice, is an information technology company, developing software to help consumers quickly identify & purchase products that align with their values.


Eduardo Beltrame (Faculty, Biophysics), Rian Reis

A platform for innovation management - the process that goes from sourcing ideas, choosing the best ones, managing a project, and evaluating the end results.

Redesigned Scoliosis Brace

Ingrid Marko (PhD Student, Biochemistry and Biophysics), Megan Robidas (MS/M.B.A Student, Biotechnology, Heller/SSPM)

Redesigned Scoliosis Brace, is a new brace model that has a modifiable hard plastic brace that can be mass produced and adjusted to provide proper treatment and curvature correction as a patient grows, therefore addressing issues of comfort, affordability, requiring multiple braces throughout development, length of treatment period, and manufacturing delays.