Affiliated Clubs and Organizations

The Brandeis Intercultural Center is home to 15 affiliated student clubs and organizations.

Clicking on the names of the organizations listed below will reveal their full mission statement, contact person, list of administrators and links to social media and listserv pages.

Several of the ICC clubs have issued statements in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

brandeis african students organization logo

Seeks to culturally empower African students and the student body at large to become socially, politically and critically aware of African cultures.

brandeis asian american student association logo

Promotes awareness of Asia-Americans and Asian-American culture on campus through education, programming and collaboration with other organizations.

brandeis black student organization logo

Promotes awareness of the rich diversity of international Africana cultures while fostering friendship and solidarity among all students on campus.

brandeis chinese cultural connection logo

Dedicated to promoting the Chinese culture and bringing fun events to the Brandeis community.

brandeis korean student association logo

Seeks to promote better understanding of the Korean heritage, culture, language and concerns, and raise awareness of issues affecting Korean communities in the United States.

brandeis latinx student organization

Works to provide social, academic and emotional support for the Latinx community; enlighten all who are interested in Latinx culture, history and current events; and provide and maintain a safe space for all Latinx students to reflect on and discuss concerns surrounding the Latinx community and their families.

caribbean cultural club logo

Publicizes and promotes Caribbean culture and society and fosters friendship and community among students of Caribbean origin or descent through discussion, information sessions, festivals, fundraisers and artistic displays and performances.

club cantonese at brandeis logo

Creates awareness of, promotes appreciation for and celebrates the traditions of Cantonese culture and people of Cantonese origin on campus.

japanese student association logo

Seeks to promote all aspects of Japanese culture on campus through cultural demonstrations, food fairs and traditional Japanese festivals.

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science logo

Dedicated to creating opportunities for and fostering success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists on the Brandeis campus.

south asian student association logo

Celebrates and promotes the culture, traditions and current affairs of the countries that comprise South Asia — Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka — at Brandeis University.

southeast asia club logo

Promotes and creates awareness of the cultures and traditions of Southeast Asian countries represented at Brandeis.

taiwanese student association

Spreads awareness of Taiwan's culture on campus through dance, music and food.

vietnamese student association logo

Seeks to empower the Vietnamese community at Brandeis and the Boston area college network by promoting Vietnamese heritage and culture, creating awareness of Vietnam’s unique and nuanced immigration history, and cultivating a unique sense of pride in Vietnamese identity.

women of color alliance logo

Creates a safe space for women of color on campus, fosters solidarity among undergraduate members of this population and works to break down barriers by uniting women of all races, classes, sexual orientations and religions.