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A Crime So Monstrous, E. Benjamin Skinner

"A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery," E. Benjamin Skinner, FreePress 2008. Skinner first published his investigations into human trafficking and slavery in "A Crime So Monstrous," a book the New York Times and Boston Globe called "devastating." The book was also published in the Czech Republic (Nakladatelství XYZ), Germany (Lübbe), Korea (NanJang), Italy (Einaudi), The Netherlands (Cossee), Poland (Znak), and the United Kingdom (Random House UK). It received the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for non-fiction in 2009.

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Selected articles

Unless otherwise noted, all articles are by E. Benjamin Skinner, Schuster Institute Senior Fellow.

"How U.S. Budget Cuts Prolong Global Slavery," June 28, 2011,

"Britain's Long Fight Against Slavery," May 2, 2011, Huffington Post.

"Sex (Trafficking" & the Super Bowl," Lindsay Markel, February 8, 2011, Huffington Post.

"Modern-Day Slavery: A Necessary Beat With Different Challenges," Winter 2010, Nieman Reports.

"Modern-Day Slavery on Washington's Embassy Row?" June 14, 2010, Time.

“The New Slave Trade,” January 18, 2010, Time.

“Pakistan’s Forgotten Plight: Modern-Day Slavery,” October 27, 2009, Time.

“Clinton Takes Up Lincoln’s ‘Unfinished Work,” September 25, 2009,

“The Fight to End Global Slavery,” Summer 2009, World Policy Journal.

“A Q&A on Human Trafficking,” June 18, 2009,

“Kolik Stojí Otrok?” (“How Much for a Slave?”) May 2009, Marie Claire (Czech Republic).

“Obama’s Abolitionist,” March 25, 2009, Huffington Post

“And You Thought Slavery Was History,”
March 2009, Marie Claire (Australia).

"Moderne Sklaven," December 13, 2008, Die Welt (Germany).

"A Crime So Monstrous," August 22, 2008, Tonic News.

"People for Sale," July/August 2008, The Utne Reader

"Growth of slavery worldwide is very real challenge," July 27, 2008, Miami Herald

"Slavery in America: An Undeniable Truth," July 11, 2008, ABC News.

"Slavery's New Mecca,"
July 4, 2008, The National Post (Canada).

"Slavery Is No Relic," March 31, 2008, Huffington Post.

"Slavery's Staying Power,"
March 23, 2008, Los Angeles Times.

"A World Enslaved,"
March/April 2008, Foreign Policy.

"Is the World Safer Now?"
December 11, 2005, Los Angeles Times.

"Sudan: Fighting a Peace Plan"
August 18, 2003, Newsweek International.

"Kidnapping and Cutting in Brazil,"
March/April 2003, Black Book.