Crew working on a foreign charter vessel, New Zealand
Fishermen on a foreign-chartered vessel (FCV) at work in New Zealand’s Southern Ocean. The fish caught on the FCVs may be sold in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia, or the United States. (Photo released by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries under the Official Information Act.)

Press Coverage of
 Slavery at Sea

The concept of slavery in New Zealand’s waters—and in our supply chains—is new to American audiences. But since 2009, the New Zealand press has been reporting about abusive practices aboard foreign-chartered vessels.


New Zealand Press

Iwi exemption threatens NZ fisheries: Talley, Michael Field, July 30, 2013,

Timaru: Fishing crews chase $17m in unpaid wages, Al Williams, April 19, 2013,

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Reporter Michael Field has written extensively about the issue of slavery in New Zealand seas. You can read about the foreign-chartered vessel controversy on Field’s website.

Australia Press

"Reports foreign fishing crews abused in NZ waters," March 1, 2012, Austrial Network News

“Maritime Union of New Zealand says ultimate responsibility for Rena lies with the Government,” Maritime Union of New Zealand, October 14, 2011, Maritime Union of Australia

“'Fishermen in slavery' in NZ waters,” August 12, 2011, The Australian

Indonesia Press

“Stop slavery at sea: Seamen’s association,” Ridwan Max Sijabat, September 3, 2011, The Jakarta Post 

“Korean bosses cruel, claim RI ship jumpers,” Duncan Graham, August 10, 2011, The Jakarta Post

“NZ Police Rescue Abused Indonesian Sailors in June,” July 16, 2011, Jakarta Globe

Other Resources about the Global Fishing Industry and Human Rights

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