Our outstanding team of student research assistants was indispensable in helping assemble the data, materials, and documentation behind our website on the sexual harassment of working teens. We thank them for their hard work and dedication:

Francine Chatelain
Ryan Fanning
Sarah Freeman
Jessica Freiman
Will Friedman
Shaked Hoter
Jessica Goldings
Rachel Graham Kagan
Rachel Klein
Hadas Kroitoru
Ishita Lamba
Elizabeth Macedo
Lisa Magid
Dina Maron
Kaitlyn O’Leary
Mat Schutzer
Rachel Seiler
Jonah Seligman
Jenn Sheehan
Hadar Sayfan
Frayla Schoenfeld
Carolyn Schweitzer
Sarah Sullivan
Ruth Orbach
Clair Weatherby
Katherine Wilson-Milne

Special thanks to our Duke Law School research team:
Jennifer Behrens, Reference Librarian
Tobias Coleman
Jillian Harrison
Zephyr Teachout, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

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