EEOC Youth At Work  

Check out the EEOC’s resource specifically for teens: Youth At Work, a website designed to teach teens about some of their rights and responsibilities as employees.Click to follow link to EEOC Youth At Work

The Youth At Work website is part of EEOC's Youth At Work initiativea national education and outreach campaign to promote equal employment opportunity for America's next generation of workers. In addition to this website, the Youth At Work Initiative includes free outreach events and partnerships with industry, education, and human resource leaders.

  • Read the EEOC’s Teen Litigation Report, which tracks all EEOC litigation on behalf of teens who are discriminated against in the workplace. 
    • This report includes all EEOC cases from 1999 to 9/30/2008; teen cases were tracked as of 2001.
    • The vast majority are for sexual harassment.

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