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Sexual Harassment
of Teens at Work<

"Sample cases: Where are working teens being sexually harassed... and suing for it?" interactive map

PBS NOW-Schuster Institute
collaboration: televised
broadcast investigation of
"Teen Sexual Harassment
at Work"

"Summer Jobs Often Lead to Harassment," ABC's WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston's televised broadcast with  E.J. Graff, Associate Director, Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism

Sexual harassment:
what is it?

"Is Your Daughter Safe at Work?" Good Housekeeping, June 2007

"Are Your Students Safe at Work?" Teachers College Record, July 21, 2009

The long, tortured history
of sexual harassment law—
Does it protect teens?

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Civil litigation for sex
How does it work?

What if I’m being harassed? 

Responses to "Is Your Daughter Safe at Work?"

Selected academic research on sexual harassment and teenagers

Suggestions for parents 

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Read Schuster Institute's 
anchor article, “Is Your
Daughter Safe at Work?”
published in Good Housekeeping, June 2007.

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articles by Institute staff include:

Sexual Harassment of Teens in the Workplace

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Click on the image to view an interactive map with links to information about specific teen sexual harassment cases gone to court.  


Sexual harassment: Few people understand how intrusive, aggressive, and hostile it can be. And few teens are adequately prepared or instructed about how to face it at their after-school, weekend, or summer jobs. Few teens know what to do when a supervisor begins to talk ceaselessly and intimately about their bodies and lives, discussing sex acts in detail, propositioning mercilessly, and groping, grabbing, stalking, threatening, or sexually assaulting them.

On February 20, 2009, PBS’s public affairs show NOW collaborated with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University in an unprecedented broadcast investigation of teen sexual harassment in the workplace. In a televised show based on research done by Schuster Institute Associate Director E.J. Graff, harassed teenagers shared their stories with senior correspondent Maria Hinojosa. 

These shocking stories offer insight into the lives of a few of the teens who are sexually assaulted on the job each year, and others who are sexually coerced, groped, grabbed, and cornered in ways for which they are entirely unprepared. The show tracked their legal journeys to justice, and examined how the issue affects teenagers across the country—many of whom don’t know how to report workplace abuse, or even how to recognize when their bosses cross the line.

Examine the issue. This website offers a more detailed look at the problem of working teens who are sexually harassed.

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