International Undergraduate Student Pre-Orientation

We are excited to welcome our international students and families to Brandeis University! International undergraduate students are scheduled to move in on Tuesday, August 21Wednesday, August 22 will be spent as an acclimation day for students to do things like get over jet lag, shop for necessities, go on campus tours, or simply relax in their new environment. 

The International Pre-Orientation is scheduled from Wednesday, August 22 to Saturday, August 25. The goal of the International Pre-Orientation is to introduce our new students to the many resources Brandeis has to offer to all students. You will meet first-year peers, other students, faculty, and staff members. Everyone at Brandeis is here to help you as you join our community. 

We will be update the website throughout the summer. Please check this site regularly for updated information. Please email us at in case you have any questions. We are ready to help you!


Tuesday, August 21st Move-In & Welcome Day

Wednesday, August 22nd Acclimation Day

Thursday, August 23rd Orientation Day I

Friday, August 24th Orientation Day II

Saturday, August 25th Orientation Day III

Sunday, August 26th New Undergraduate Student Orientaiton