Information Technology Services

Sponsored Accounts (Retirement)

Effective Oct. 19, 2021, the Brandeis Sponsored Accounts system will be retired and replaced with Workday Contingent Worker Accounts. For information on the difference between Sponsored Accounts and Contingent Worker Accounts, as well as information on why Brandeis is making this change, please refer to the following information.

New Accounts

As of Oct. 19, 2021, no new Sponsored Accounts can be created. After this date, if you are responsible for someone that needs an account that does not qualify for another account type (see table below), you should request a Contingent Worker Account.

Account Types

Person Type Brandeis Account Type
Student Workday Student Account
Faculty Workday Faculty Account
Staff Workday Staff Account
Non-Matriculated Student (BOLLI or Pre-College Students) Contingent Worker Account for Non-Matriculated Students
Academic Affiliates (Visiting Research Scholar, Visiting Research Scientist, Visiting Student Researcher)
Courtesy Appointment information (Office of Research Administration website)

All other person types (e.g., consultant)

Contingent Worker Account

Create Contingent Worker Account

After creating the Contingent Worker Account, the account holder will receive a welcome email from Workday containing their Brandeis ID. They can then use this ID to create an account by visiting the Brandeis Account Management website.

Existing Accounts

Sponsored Accounts that were created before Oct. 19, 2021, will continue to function normally. Starting Oct. 13, all existing Sponsored Account will be converted to a Contingent Worker account. Converted accounts will have the same expiration date as the former Sponsored Account. Managers will receive emails leading up to that date with instructions on how to terminate or extend accounts.


If you have any questions about this change, please contact Jonathan Estwing, ITS Sr. Project Manager.