Computer Management Program

Brandeis provides a centrally funded computer to each eligible faculty and staff member through the Computer Management Program. Some computers necessary for a department's essential operations can be acquired through the management program as well. Currently, University-managed computers are replaced every five years. Managers of new employees should contact clowre@brandeis.edu to discuss options.

Computer Management Program Advantages

There are major benefits for individuals, as well as the University as a whole, to using computers that are purchased and replaced through the Care program. Computer Care provides:

What departments receive replacements through Computer Management this year?

Departments eligible for replacement computers in FY2018:

  • Biology

  • Chaplaincy

  • Communications, Office of

  • Community Service

  • Conference & Events Services

  • Division of Administration & Finance

  • Economics

  • English as a Second Language

  • Financial Affairs & Treasury

  • Hiatt Career Center

  • Legal Studies

  • Library Research

  • ITS (25%)

  • Physics

  • President, Office of the

  • Psychological Counseling

  • Psychology

  • Romance Studies

  • Sociology

  • Student Activities

  • Technology Licensing Office

  • Women's Gender Studies

When is my department next scheduled for replacement computers?

Entire departments receive new computers once every five years. For information regarding the schedule contact Chris Lowre.

When can I expect to hear from ITS about my department's upcoming computer replacement??

ITS reaches out to departments beginning in February prior to the next fiscal year. (So, for FY2018, which begins July 1, 2017, ITS would begin conversations with departments in January/February 2017.) ITS schedules a meeting with department chairs or administrators to explain the Computer Management process. Faculty and staff are also informed of this process by email. ITS gets in touch with departments again in April to confirm computer requests and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, ITS schedules a deployment day or days, and a make-up day, for delivery and setup of the new computers.

Do I have to be present when my new computer is delivered and set up?

Yes. You'll need to log in to your computer in order to set up certain features, such as the ability to map departmental shares or print to a departmental printer, so your presence is highly recommended for a smooth transition.

How should I prepare for delivery of my new computer?

You'll need to make a list of the required software that will be needed to be re-installed on the new machine. We also ask that you take some time to organize and delete anything you would not like moved to the new computer. Other than that, no other work is required, the ITS staff will migrate all the data stored in your user folder to your new computer.

My department is buying some new computers separate from the Computer Management Program. What should we buy? Can ITS help set them up?

ITS requires that departments buy Brandeis standard models from Dell or Apple, available on the Dell institutional purchases site or the Apple institutional purchases site. Brandeis standard models receive the most comprehensive setup assistance and ongoing support from the Help Desk according to the Help Desk SLA. (Non-standard models receive only best effort support, time permitting.) Also, ITS is glad to help set up computers purchased by departments; see our guidelines and tips for a smooth deployment experience.

My department just hired a new faculty or staff member. Are they eligible for a new computer?

Please contact the Computer Management Program for more information on computer options for new employees.

Departmental Computer Purchases

If you are buying a computer for university use with department funds, please buy one of this year's recommended models. Recommended models receive full Help Desk support, including help with setup and installation.  All other computers are supported as time permits.

Recommended Models

Apple Institutional Purchases

Dell Institutional Purchases 

Questions?  Please email clowre@brandeis.edu.

Personal Computer Purchases

Faculty and Staff

Please buy one of this year's recommended models in order to receive full Help Desk service. Other models and manufacturers will receive best effort service from the Help Desk as time permits.

Apple personal purchases (faculty and staff)

Dell personal purchases (faculty and staff)


We recommend some Apple and Dell models, but it is okay to buy any Apple or Dell model through the online portals below.

Apple personal purchases (students)

Dell personal purchases (studentS)