Email Protection (Spam Filtering)

ITS is adding an additional layer of security to Brandeis staff, faculty, and student email accounts. Proofpoint provides enhanced email security to further protect your Brandeis email account from spam, viruses, malware, phishing scams; optionally, bulk mail from marketing sites and vendors.

 Proofpoint Daily Email Digest         Proofpoint Web Digest


Proofpoint is an email filtering system that automatically moves email that is suspected to be spam or bulk email into your personal quarantine. After 28 days, quarantined emails will be permanently deleted from the system.

While Proofpoint filtering is accurate, no automated system is perfect. We receive an astounding amount of email, and there will be times when a legitimate email message is quarantined as spam. Messages that are quarantined that aren't spam are called "false-positives", and Proofpoint takes these as seriously as you do.

We recommend that you review your quarantined messages periodically, either in your Daily Email Digest or by logging in to your Web Digest. Every time you release a message from your quarantine, this is reported directly to Proofpoint, so their engineers can analyze what went wrong and use that information to continually improve detection accuracy.

Your goal, to receive the email communications you want and need in your inbox, is our common goal. Proofpoint will help us achieve that while also keeping your computer and our email system safe.


Getting Started

While ITS is expected to roll out Proofpoint to the campus later this year, users can opt-in to this service starting Tuesday, March 19. To begin using the email security protection tool, visit the Proofpoint opt-in page. Brandeis users who opt-in to the spam filtering service will receive a daily email digest at 8:00 a.m. containing messages that may contain a virus, spam or inappropriate content (i.e., quarantined bulk and spam email).


What is email protection or spam filtering?

Brandeis email accounts are constantly targeted by malicious actors sending messages containing viruses, malware, spam, and phishing. Email security software such as Proofpoint aims to dynamically block messages containing these threats by identifying known bad actors and scanning attachments in real-time.

What is Proofpoint?

Proofpoint is an email security filtering tool that detects and quarantines threats in email messages. Proofpoint specializes in detecting malicious messages, senders, servers, URLs, attachments. Key benefits of Proofpoint include message filtering by controlling what reaches your inbox, ability to maintain personal blocked and safe senders lists, and a daily digest containing quarantined spam and bulk messages.

How does Proofpoint work?

Proofpoint acts as a spam filtering tool by controlling what reaches your inbox, ability to maintain personal blocked and safe senders lists, and a daily digest containing quarantined spam and bulk messages. Incoming email that may be quarantined are messages that are identified as spam, contain a virus, or bulk mail from marketing sites and vendors such as newsletters (e.g., MailChimp) or news sites (e.g., CNN).

Is Proofpoint replacing Gmail?

No! Proofpoint works alongside Gmail filtering to provide stronger email security.

Am I eligible for Proofpoint?

Brandeis staff, faculty, and students are all eligible for Proofpoint email security, including the daily email digest. 

When can I get access to Proofpoint?

You can begin using Proofpoint by choosing to opt-in starting on Tuesday, March 19. ITS will be rolling out Proofpoint to the community later this year. To opt-in to Proofpoint, please visit the Proofpoint opt-in page. Please note that opting out of Proofpoint will require contacting ITS.

I’m having trouble accessing messages in my email digest. What should I do?

You can access the Proofpoint web console to view your email digest and take action for a given sender (e.g., allow sender). A detailed user guide will follow; please contact for assistance in the meantime.

I want to learn more! Who can I contact?

To learn more about Proofpoint email security and information security in general, please contact the ITS Security team: