Information Security


ITS protects Brandeis community members and their sensitive information by providing security-related services, products, tools, and training.

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Fall 2018-19 Security Initiatives

Security for your Devices

ITS uses several software tools to ensure a secure computing environment. Currently enSilo and Spirion are available for use on all University computers.

Protecting our Network

ITS manages a high-availability network border firewall pair that stops hundreds of thousands of attacks and policy violations per day. The firewalls also offer unified threat management protection including antivirus, application control, web filtering, and intrusion prevention and detection.

Detecting Vulnerabilities

ITS regularly scans for vulnerabilities and works to improve and strengthen Brandeis's core infrastructure, such as servers, network equipment, and web applications. To request a scan of your resources, please contact with your department name and information about the system(s) in question.