Password Management (LastPass)

LastPass is a password manager that makes it easy to log in to any website or app. LastPass provides provides a secure vault where you can save all your login info (username and password). When you visit websites, LastPass can automatically fill in your credentials for you. It also makes it easy to generate secure, unique passwords for every site you use. LastPass secures your data and syncs to any computer or mobile device. You only need to remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass enters all of your usernames and passwords for you.

Brandeis offers LastPass Enterprise to use for work-related passwords and LastPass Premium which can be used for personal (non-work) accounts. Learn more about password management and how to enroll in this service below.



81% of security breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords. The easiest way to protect an individual’s information online is to have unique, strong passwords for every account. But it’s impossible to remember all of those unique credentials, so many people tend to reuse passwords for many sites and write them down. These practices can mean a single security breach for one website affects many more accounts for an individual reusing passwords. Using a password manager can help improve security by allowing users to easily create unique, strong passwords for every site they use.


Most people talk about banking information, social security numbers, identity theft, the works. And all of that’s true, people can absolutely get to that information and pretend to be you if you have insecure, easily guessable passwords. But it’s not just that. You have a lot of personal data you keep on so many devices and services; even if you don’t realize it. Password strength is a huge step in keeping your personal data and account information safe and secure. In addition, you can access LastPass from anywhere - desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, your account is backed up and synced everywhere you need to work.

Getting Started

How to enroll

LastPass Enterprise

Faculty and staff can enroll in LastPass for work-related accounts. To enroll, visit the LastPass Enterprise enrollment page. Within 24 hours of enabling the service, you will receive a “Welcome” email from LastPass to complete the registration process for LastPass Enterprise.

LastPass Premium

Faculty, staff and students can enroll in LastPass Premium for personal use (non work-related accounts). To enroll, visit the LastPass Premium enrollment webpage. Enter your Brandeis email address in the first field, and the email address you want to use to login to LastPass in the second field. This can be any address of your choosing.

Setting up your account

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll receive an email confirmation to your Brandeis email address. Click the link in that email to finish setting up your account and create a long password or passphrase (suggestion: think of a sentence!) to use as your Master Password.

Note: Your master password must be unique and not used on any other websites stored in your LastPass Vault. LastPass will prompt you to change your master password if it detects that it's a duplicate. 


You can download the accompanying Last Pass browser extension or mobile app. That’s how LastPass can automatically fill in your passwords any time you get to a login page - whether it be the Brandeis login page, financial institution or other accounts. You just need to log in to LastPass, and you’re good to go.

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What else can LastPass do?

LastPass definitely helps out with password security, but beyond that it offers some quality of life and convenience factors, like the ones below.