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Aiming to provide verified cross-functional data to offices across campus, the legacy data warehouse was built based on PeopleSoft’s EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) platform. It collects and integrates data from multiple sources, (e.g. PeopleSoft, Slate, PowerFAIDS) into one, easy-to-access location. MicroStrategy then pulls the data from the data warehouse and delivers it to the users. As Business Intelligence Software, MicroStrategy also provides data analytical functions, and controls what information a user can or cannot see from the data warehouse, according to enterprise-level securities.


The data is managed by the Registrar’s Office and only provided at aggregated levels to protect the privacy of students. Any security measures that relate to FERPA guidelines are implemented in consultation with the University Registrar. Any new requests for access to data stored in the warehouse need to be reviewed and approved by the Registrar’s office.

Please note that when access is granted, this access does not include the right to redistribute or share the information with others who may not have also been explicitly granted access. Users may not distribute any of the reports to entities outside of Brandeis University.


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There are two levels of MicroStrategy access that are available to Brandeis users.

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