JBS Advantages

Students in JBS will experience learning in a different way. The program takes two methods of study — classroom training and experiential learning — and joins them in a unique curriculum that will enable students to fully engage in a topic they are passionate about.

This immersive approach will help students broaden their academic knowledge while also honing practical skills applicable to their post-college careers. JBS advantages include:

Small Class Sizes

Participants in this program will build a strong network of professors and peers. With the benefit of small class sizes, learning will become a collaborative process, as professors are able to engage students on a more personal level, and students and their peers share their own ideas and experiences.

Real-World Experience

Through internships, field-based research and community-engaged learning, the program helps prepare students for life after college. Students not only see firsthand what it might be like to work in their field of interest, they also are able to forge relationships with professionals in that field. Employers value candidates who have real-world experience, which means JBS students may have an edge in the job market.

Increased Internship Opportunities

The competition for a summer internships can be intense, and it may be difficult to land your first choice. So why not expand your options by completing an internship during the school year? With the credits you earn during the JBS summer program, you’ll be able to take some time during the fall or spring semester to work or to complete an internship. You can also take the experience you gain in a JBS and use that to land your dream internship!

Fulfillment of Academic Requirements

All students must fulfill Brandeis’s academic requirements in order to graduate. As a participant in JBS, you’ll find that you can easily meet some of these requirements while engaging in this unique academic experience. It’s the best of both worlds! And, by fulfilling your requirements now, you’ll free up time for electives, internships or study abroad later.

Helps Fulfill Residency Requirement

A JBS semester also counts toward the university’s residency requirement of seven full-time semesters at Brandeis in order to graduate with a Brandeis degree. This means that a student with enough credits could potentially graduate a semester or year early!

Academic Flexibility

As a JBS student, you have greater control over the course of your academic career. With built-in time for fieldwork and internships, and with greater opportunity to explore courses that truly interest you, you can make the most of your time at Brandeis. They key is, it’s up to you!

Graduate School Opportunities

Much like grad school, JBS is focused in a particular subject area. As such, the program can give you a glimpse into whether the topic you are engaged in is something you would like to pursue further in graduate studies. In addition, the experience gained through the program could help you stand out as a candidate for grad school.