2020 Programs at a Glance

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App Development and Marketing

Instructors: Tim Hickey and Grace Zimmerman

This program teaches the fundamental concepts behind the design, development, testing and deployment of web and mobile apps, combined with a business-focused exploration of marketing for the high tech market. Throughout this nine-week program, students will deepen their understanding of software development and marketing through the creation of a working prototype of a web and mobile app and crafting a product launch marketing campaign for their app.

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Health, Law and Justice 

Instructors: Sarah Curi and Alice Noble

Through the lens of social justice, we will explore legal and ethical issues in American health care. In doing so, the JBS will focus primarily on the American health care system and key bioethical debates in health care, particularly those surrounding patient/doctor relationships, treatment choices, reproductive rights and end-of-life care.

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Storytelling as Social Practice

Instructor: David Sherman

This course builds on a vibrant storytelling movement across the U.S. to help us develop extraordinarily useful skills, including holding stage presence in body and voice; organizing and promoting performance events; and participating constructively in a collaborative performance team.

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