'Then & Now' Series Essays

LDB-100 Collection Cover

These essays below were commissioned from participants in the Then and Now events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the nomination and confirmation of Louis D. Brandeis to the United States Supreme Court.

Full Collection of Essays

These essays were also published as a collection, featuring an introduction by the chair of the LDB 100 Organizing Committee. You can view or download that collection, or view individual essays below.

Individual Essays

All essays are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Richard Adelstein
The Last Autonomist

Anita L. Allen
The Declining Significance of Home: Privacy "Whilst Quiet" and of No Use to Artists or Anyone

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Lessons Learned from Louis D. Brandeis

Alexis Goldstein
What a Little Sunlight Can Do: Learning from the Economic Legacy of Louis D. Brandeis

Shane Harris
Privacy Imperiled: What Would Brandeis Make of the NSA & Edward Snowden?

Steven A. Mirmina
Translating Justice Brandeis' Views on Privacy for the 21st Century

David G. Dalin
The Appointment of Louis D. Brandeis, First Jewish Justice on the Supreme Court

Linda S. Greene
Diversifying the Supreme Court: Brandeis, Marshall, Sotomayor

Leslie Kendrick
Brandeis, Speech, and Money

Jon D. Levy
The Brandeis/Citizens United Question

Philippa Strum '59
Speech and Democracy: The Legacy of Justice Brandeis Today

Anu Shah
Selected Bibliography
Offers a selection of works designed to complement the spring 2016 events.