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Upcoming Facilitator Trainings

Trainings are at Brandeis University from 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day:

Next ACT RSK Facilitator Training...

3/5 & 3/6
@ Brandeis University

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Ode to ACT

Our Paths from Then to Now

Then, we Reacted. Now, we Respond.

Then, we had Relationships with our children. Now, we have Bonds.

Then, we punished. Now, we Discipline. Then, we heard them. Now, we're Listening.

Then, we Dictated. Now, we Direct.

Then, we knew they were the Cause. Now, we know our Effects.

Then, we were People. Now, we're Role Models. Now, we are Leaders... that we want our kids to Follow.

Then, we were stuck. Now, we see our children's perspectives.

Then, we were just Moms & Dads. Now, we're "Good Behavior Detectives."

It seems like Then was only yesterday... but here we are Now.

Then, we were only Parents. Now, we know HOW.


ACT: Raising Safe Kids

The ACT Raising Safe Kids Program is a national parent education program designed by the American Psychological Association as a childhood safety and primary violence prevention initiative. The ACT Northeast Regional Office is based at Lemberg Children's Center at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

Our purpose is to mentor adults who raise, care for, and teach children from birth to 8 years old to create safe environments for their children. The program is implemented by a variety of host organizations and agencies and delivered by their staff trained as ACT Facilitators. The program:  

  • Has been evaluated and considered a successful model to disseminate early violence prevention knowledge and skills to adults. It is an evidence-based program to help parents and caregivers raise children to be safe and without violence.
  • Focuses on strengthening positive parenting skills and empowering parents and caregivers to be the best parent they want to be; it promotes participation in the community.
  • Teaches parents about child development, anger and behavior management, tools for positive effective parenting, and creates a support network for parents.

Learn more about the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program in our Program Summary, or sign up for an upcoming facilitator training.


Lemberg Children's Center works with the American Psychological Association (APA) and the national ACT office as the APA-ACT Northeast Regional Training Center.

The Northeast Regional Training Center provides facilitator training and support to local Raising Safe Kids Programs of the northeast region, including all of New England, New Jersey and New York.

ACT-NE also hosts the Northeast Regional Conference twice a year. This summit gathers all members of the ACT community for rich discussions and presentations on the progress, revisions and new research of ACT.

Our process from national to local and community-based programs is a tiered system. Read more on our ACT Community page.