Listen to Lemberg parents


"The main reason that I like Lemberg is that my son likes Lemberg. He wants to go everyday because he is challenged and he is having fun."

— B.C., Framingham

Listen to Lemberg parents


"Lemberg is a place where children are respected, listened to, cared for and loved. When I drop off my daughter, I often wish I could stay!"

— A.L., Medford

Listen to Lemberg children


"I like Lemberg. I just love all the children there."

— P., age 4

How to Apply

How To Apply | Admissions ProcessAdditional Information

Two children playing.

Admissions for Children Ages 6 weeks to 6 years.

Admissions for School Age and Creative Connections Camps.

Thank you for your interest in us.

We welcome all children. All children! Those needing accommodations, as well as children from diverse linguistic, cultural and economic backgrounds.

We do not discriminate in enrollment on the basis of family origin, sex, gender, race, religion, national origin, physical, emotional, or intellectual needs and toilet-learning achievements.

How to Apply

After reviewing the material at this website and to be considered for admissions, apply:
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Admissions Process

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Applicants are selected on the basis of the number of open spaces available in each classroom with a maximum full-time enrollment of seven (7) infants, 7-9 older infants & young toddlers, 18 toddlers, and 38 preschoolers. Openings vary each year depending on current families and children transitioning to kindergarten. We wish we could accommodate all interested families, but unfortunately, we are limited by space. Enrollment for openings follows these criteria:

  1. The age of applicant at admittance as s/he corresponds with the number of openings in his/her age group.
  2. Enrollment priority is given first to siblings of current children, and children of alumni of the Lemberg Children's Center (nearly all associated with Brandeis as well), next to Brandeis employees and students, and then to the general public.
  3. Within these groupings we order applications by the date of receipt of the application form.
  4. Due to the limited amount of financial assistance available, the Children's Center cannot guarantee a scholarship and reserves the right to offer a spot at any tuition level on our scale.


Additional Information

Two TAs with children in carts.

The Children’s Center usually has a waitlist for spots in the infant and toddler classrooms. Consequently, we recommend applying as early as possible. Acceptances for the School Year Program will be mailed out by mid-March and continue until all available openings are filled. Once you receive an email or letter of acceptance for Fall, you will have two weeks to accept and return a partial non-refundable deposit of $500. The full deposit equal to one month’s tuition (minus the initial $500 payment) is required by June 15th or prior to the child’s starting date if enrolled mid-year or along with a school year and/or summer contract.

A suggested child orientation procedure and necessary forms will be mailed with the enrollment information. All child file forms, permission signatures, medical and required state forms (including if required, an Individual Health Care Plan) must be returned to Lemberg before your child may attend school or camp. We are transitioning to using online forms to simplify this enrollment, registration and the maintenance of our records. We expect this to be in place for the 2019-2020 School Year.

Children accepted to the School Year Program may be offered a spot in the preceding Summer Program. We should know by mid-April if there are summer spaces available.