Undergraduate Opportunities

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While the University is in session, we require all students applying for paid positions to have Federal Work Study. However, we will hire non-work-study applicants during the following periods (for exact dates, check the Academic Calendar):

  • February vacation
  • Passover vacation
  • Summer session (mid June - mid August)

If you are interested in applying for any of our paid undergraduate positions (listed below), please follow the steps below:

  1. Email us the Job Application (Word Document) or (PDF). 
  2. If you are on Federal Work Study, follow this link and submit a resume and cover letter to the Teacher Assistant in Training position listed for Lemberg Children's Center.
  3. After handing in your application, please head over to our Employment Forms page to complete the rest of your forms.
  4. We will contact you regarding any potential interviews or orientation procedures, however please reach out to us if you do not hear from us within 2 weeks after you haved finished both previous steps.  

If you would like to work as a volunteer, please fill out the above Job Application and email it to lemberg@brandeis.edu.  Please keep in mind that, while we often hire year-round, we may not be hiring new staff at the time you apply. 

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In-Service Teacher Apprenticeships (TA)

workSeventy undergraduates work at the Lemberg Children's Center each semester. Though most are part of the Federal Work-Study program, many do unpaid internships.

An in-service teacher apprenticeship is a wonderful program for anyone interested in living or working with young children. Our program and curriculum are based on national standards for teacher education (NAECTE) and have led hundreds of participants. Katharine Braun-Levine, Explorer's morning head teacher, says: "Everything I need to know I learned at Lemberg... Children may inspire you to teach, but the right colleagues inspire you to learn."

Student Teacher

workEducation majors and minors who focus in Early Childhood Education may apply to be a Student Teacher for one semester. This is done through the education department by taking ED103 or ED112 Student teachers work 30 hours a week in a specified classroom, and are mentored by a head teacher. They assist in planning classroom activities, and have a cumulative week in which they fill the role of Head Teacher. This is an extremely supported role. As we fill up quickly, please plan this at least a year in advance. We prefer prior experience in our classroom, and will often ask the student teacher to work as a TA in the year(s) leading up to his/her student teaching. To apply or express interest, email Howie Baker at baker@brandeis.edu and speak to your advisor. 

Office Administrative Assistant

Office workers assist the Administrators and Directors with office work. They maintain our database, help with paperwork, and keep the files in order. If they have computer skills, that is a plus. We do provide training in the appropriate programs to maintain the database and our website but a background in office work is helpful.

Snack Prep/Cook

The cook prepares snack through out the week, either in the mornings or afternoons, and also cleans up after snack. The cook keeps an inventory on the kitchen, and makes sure it is well stocked. Students applying for this position, must be available during at least 4 snack periods a week (8-10am and 1-3 pm) and be familiar with preparing simple, healthy food.

Handicrafter/Maintenance Person

The handicrafter fixes broken toys and furniture, and maintains the grounds. He or she must blow the playground, shovel snow and take care of our gardens as well. Previous experience with power tools is helpful. Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

Inventory Manager

The inventory manager catalogues and organizes all items (toys, tools, supplies, etc.). He or she makes sure everything is in it's proper place and labels everything so that teachers and staff can find it.