Brandeis Library Announces New and Improved Repository Services

The Brandeis Library is pleased to announce new and improved repository services to be rolled out in two phases over the next year. The Brandeis Institutional Repository (BIR) has served us well since 2008; however, we’re excited to be rolling out new, more modern platforms.

Over the next several months, a project team in the Library will be working to migrate our unique digital collections (for example, the Daumier lithographs, The Venice Receipt Book, and others) out of BIR and into OneSearch. This will create a more seamless discovery experience for members of our community while also giving library staff a number of administrative benefits. We anticipate the work to be completed sometime in January 2020. In addition to improved discovery of these resources, the change of platforms will also allow for new formats to be included, such as audio, video, and 3D objects, to name a few.

Once phase one is complete, we will move on to Brandeis institutional outputs, which includes articles, books/monographs, chapters, data, conference presentations/proceedings/papers, and more. This content will be migrating into OneSearch as well as a separate public interface allowing the world to discover the research (and researchers) of Brandeis University. Like our unique collections, this tool will include a significant number of operational efficiencies, including the automatic capture of outputs. The Library is also beginning a number of conversations with key university stakeholders to see how the repository can be leveraged to make a number of our business processes significantly easier for our faculty and researchers, which also includes evaluating the impact of research.