SHARES Program

What is SHARES?

Brandeis Library's membership in the OCLC Research Library Partnership SHARES program enables students, faculty, and staff to visit over 100 member libraries around the world.  SHARES partner libraries include top research libraries, national libraries, art museums, and law libraries.  To visit a SHARES library, simply present your Brandeis ID to any of the SHARES libraries to gain building access.  Some restrictions apply; check the complete list of SHARES institution and their local policies. 

What is the SHARES On-Site Borrowing Pilot Program?

In addition to accessing any of the SHARES Partner Institutions, a small number of SHARES libraries are offering the opportunity to borrow materials.  Partners in the pilot program are:

Are you looking to visit a partner in the On-Site Borrowing Program?

To obtain borrowing privileges from a library in the On-Site Borrowing Program, Brandeis members must:

Are you visiting Brandeis from a SHARES institution?

If you are planning to simply visit the Brandeis Library, we are open to the public. No I.D. is required to enter.
If you are visiting from one of the On-Site Borrowing pilot institutions and would like to borrow materials from Brandeis locally, follow the steps below to set up a Brandeis library account.