Twenty Years of Major Trends

Declaring a major — or, more likely these days, two — is a rite of passage at college. You are what you study. So what drives the choice? Presumably, a passion for the subject. But don’t discount other factors like parental pressure, job relevance, earning potential, globalism or the allure of interdisciplinary study. Over the past two decades,

Brandeis has undergone major major changes:

  • Top major since 1991-92: Economics
  • Number of majors offered: 45 (up from 37 in 1991-92)
  • Top 10 most-popular majors account for 62 percent of seniors' declared majors.
  • Percentage of 2011-12 class with two or more majors: 42 (up from 17 in 1991-92)
  • Newcomers to the top-ten major list since 1991-92:I international and global studies; health: science, society and policy; business