Adrienne Rich, H’87, of Santa Cruz, Calif., one of the country’s most honored and influential poets, whose finely tuned verse explored her identity as a feminist, a lesbian and an agent for political change, died March 27. She was 82. Adrienne taught creative writing at Brandeis from 1970-72 and received an honorary degree in 1987. In more than 60 years as a published poet, she examined the evolving lives of women in modern society and embodied many of those changes herself. She was a precocious child of a privileged Baltimore family, then a young wife and mother, and later dedicated herself to the ideals of feminism. In the 1970s, she became one of the first mainstream poets to write from a lesbian point of view. Her subtle poems and uncompromising essays brought her a loyal following that extended far beyond the measured world of poetry. David Waltz, a faculty member in the computer science department from 1984-2002, whose early research in information retrieval provided the foundation for today’s Internet search engines, died of brain cancer on March 22 in Princeton, N.J. He was 68. During his career as a teacher and a technologist at startup companies as well as large corporate laboratories, he made fundamental contributions to computer science in areas ranging from computer vision to machine learning.