Faculty Research Grants

Every year, the Mandel Center for the Humanities awards several Mandel Faculty Research Grants in the Humanities. Each of these $10,000 grants, which are supported by a generous gift from the Mandel Foundation, supports a member of the Brandeis faculty working in the humanities or humanistic social sciences.

The MCH Steering Committee oversees the grant competition, which is open to proposals as diverse as the humanities themselves: ranging from collaborative projects to individual archival research, from seed money to develop new classes or new ways of presenting research via the internet. The deliberately capacious purpose of the Mandel Faculty Grants is to support “the humanities in the world,” a broad invitation to Brandeis scholars to think creatively about how their own humanistic inquiries can shape, inform, and improve everyday life and experiences in the world today.

Recipients are expected to use their funds in the semesters and summer immediately following, and then present a talk about their projects to the MCH Faculty Lunch Symposium during the ensuing academic year.

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Recipients of the Mandel Faculty Grants in the Humanities

The Mandel Center for the Humanities is pleased to announce the winners of the Mandel Faculty Grants in the Humanities, made possible by a generous gift from the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Foundation. 

Award Recipients