Postdoctoral Fellows

Since the Center welcomed our first postdoctoral fellow in 2004, building the field of research in Jewish education has been a core part of our work.

As resources allow, post-doctoral fellowships are offered to outstanding emerging scholars who are completing or who have recently completed a dissertation in Jewish education or a related field; whose scholarly interests align with the focus of the Mandel Center on teaching and learning in Jewish educational settings; and who are prepared to spend two years in residence at the Center. While at Brandeis, postdoctoral fellows are supervised by Center faculty; undertake their own research and writing projects while also contributing to, and sometimes leading, projects on behalf of the Center; and become active and valued members of the intellectual community at the Center.

If you are interested in a post-doctoral fellowship at the Mandel Center, please fill out and submit this form.

We are not presently offering doctoral fellowships. To date, the Center has supported four doctoral fellows and six postdoctoral fellows.

Postdoctoral Fellows


Ziva Reimer Hassenfeld
Dissertation: “Making sense of student sense-making: An investigation into classroom text discussions in Hebrew bible classrooms,” Stanford University, 2016.


Tsafrir Goldberg
Dissertation: "'Everyone knows that’s how things were': High school students’ history learning processes--Between collective memory narratives and disciplinary skills," The Hebrew University, 2006.


Renee Rubin Ross
Dissertation: "Parental involvement and community cohesion at a Jewish, Catholic, and independent day school," New York University, 2009.


Inbar Galili-Schachter
Dissertation: "Teachers and commentators: hermeneutics of teaching Jewish philosophy in secondary schools: Case Studies," Hebrew University, 2008


Eran Tamir
Dissertation: "The politics of education reform : state power and the field of educational policy in New Jersey," Michigan State University, 2006


Susan M. Kardos
Dissertation: "Supporting and sustaining new teachers in schools : the importance of professional culture and mentoring," Harvard University, 2004


Doctoral Fellows



Jacob Cytryn

Program Director, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin

Ph.D., 2008 

Orit Kent

Director of the Beit Midrash Research Project
Dissertation: Interactive Text Study and the Co-Construction of Meaning: Hevruta in the DeLet Beit Midrash

Ph.D., 2006

Susan Tanchel

Head of School, JCDS: Boston's Jewish Community Day School
Dissertation: Honoring Voices: Listening to the Texts and the Teachers, the Scholars and the Students