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Jon A. Levisohn
Associate Professor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Chair in Jewish Educational Thought

A philosopher of education, Jon Levisohn's scholarship has focused on three broad areas: (a) the teaching and learning of classical Jewish texts, i.e., Bible and rabbinic literature; (b) the teaching and learning of history; and (c) critically investigating and reconceptualizing the purposes of Jewish education.

His publications include Turn It and Turn It Again: Studies in the Teaching and Learning of Classical Jewish Texts (Jon A. Levisohn and Susan P. Fendrick, eds., Academic Studies Press, 2013), Advancing the Learning Agenda in Jewish Education (Jon A. Levisohn and Jeffrey Kress, eds., Academic Studies Press, 2018), Beyond Jewish Identity: Rethinking Concepts and Imagining Alternatives (Jon A. Levisohn and Ari Y. Kelman, eds., Academic Studies Press, 2019), and The Interpretive Virtues: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Teaching and Learning of Historical Narratives (forthcoming from Wiley-Blackwell), as well as numerous articles and book chapters. 

An alumnus of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship, he holds degrees from Harvard and Stanford in Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Philosophy of Education. He is active in NRJEPES, and AJS

He came to Brandeis in 2002, and became director of the Center in 2014. Beyond Brandeis, Levisohn consults to and teaches for Jewish educational institutions, drawing on his academic expertise, twenty five years of experience as a Jewish educator, and his leadership roles in several Jewish organizations.